Monday, March 3, 2014

Finding people to teach a little difficult

My Zone
Me next to a big totem pole
A tunnel we found and rode through
This week wasn’t too special, but we have figured out that the easiest people to find and teach are the ones that never keep commitments!  It’s hard cuz when we have nothing to do, we know there are always a few people we can visit but they don’t progress, so it’s kind of a waste of time.

Like we met this one guy, Carlitos.  He is crazy.  (He says he is the prince of whales and buds with Columbus.  He also raised Jesus and he and his knights of the round table have been to every country and even secret ones that aren’t allowed to be on the map).  And then he makes up words and uses them in his conversation.  And he is completely serious too but me and my comp try so hard not to just bust up laughing cuz he has a story to go with anything we say.  He is so fun to talk to but no matter what we say he just shrugs it off or says he is not allowed to read the scriptures or come to church or pray.  And then if we don’t see him for a week he gets annoyed that we don’t come see him anymore.

We have a lot more people that want us to come by all the time even though all they want to do is talk.  I think we have 1 or 2 people that we see every once in a while that we have actually taught multiple lessons to.  Those two are what I do this for.

This morning we went with a less active to some Chinese store in our zone.  He wanted us to go with him because he is 82 and doesn’t like to drive by himself. He is 82, but he acts like a 40 yr old!  I don’t get it.  He still cruises around and benches 100 lbs!  He even fell off his deck, which is 10 ft up, and just walked it off!  Who does that?!  But we agreed it would be 2 hours so we would go with him but it ended up being 5 hours.  And we were only in the store for like 10 minutes. he took us to a buffet and just sat there and told us war stories for like 2 hours. He’s a little crazy too, I guess.  Haha!

I’ll talk to you next week,

Elder Parks

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