Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I made it to Mexico!

So I just got to the MTC 20 minutes ago and it's pretty cool.  After I got off the plane I met up with like 10 other missionaries or so and they are pretty cool.  A couple of them are going to Ecuador so I was able to talk to them about that.

We just got back from dinner and I already saw two kids I know from college.  It's weird.  Everything now is so religious.  Like at the airport and on the bus, people were making jokes but they all had to do with being missionaries or the scriptures... it's different.  But ever since I got here it almost feels like I shouldn't be here.  Not like I don't belong or I don't like it, but it's weird to think I'm at the MTC and on a mission now.  

Every once in a while I think, "Oh wait, I'm a missionary now!"  It's funny, the MTC is just like high school.  Everyone that's been here a while walks around and makes little comments to all the new kids.  And if they are really cool, they say it all in Spanish so you have no idea what they say.  It's classic.

Ya, well I've only been here for half an hour and I don't have much to say so see ya!

Airport Farewell