Monday, March 10, 2014

Sad To Be Leaving My First Area!

Picture of my companion

Picture of the dike

To answer a few of your questions, there are a lot of Spanish elders in my mission.  I’m pretty sure every area here has Spanish and English missionaries that work it.  But there are usually like 1-3 English companionships for every Spanish area.  Like our area is worked by 3 English companionships.  And we only go to our Spanish branch except for when we couldn’t go on the island for Marti Gras we went to the English branch.

Oh ya, me and my boy taught 172 lessons this transfer, which is crazy, but terrible cuz we didn't really have much progress with people so it doesn't count for much.  For the past couple weeks we have had a really hard time seeing the people that had progressed the most.  Like Ignacio, the guy who wants to be a good dad. We haven’t really progressed with him at all. And with Raul and Francisco (they both had dates) we have been able to talk to them but not teach them the whole transfer.

It’s super sad to see someone progress and then just stop for no reason it seems.  But we did find some new people.  Like this cool guy named Mauro from Guatemala.  The only problem is he talks about his family back home and then his girlfriend here so... then we started teaching this guy frank that is a welder and an amateur boxer. He showed us a super cool motorcycle that he made himself and then all his boxing stuff and told us about different fights.  They are pretty swell guys.

The only problem is that I am getting transferred on Wednesday. I don’t know where I am going but don’t send me anything till I find out.  I’ll miss my people here. Like my boy Alex Ramirez and all our talk about Pokemon. And Ricardo Aguirre was going to show me the video of his fight when he won the golden gloves in boxing.  And Jessica was going to show me the video of when she won the women’s golden gloves. And Howard was supposed to show me how to fix cars.  

But this area was super fun and my comp just got an email from Pres. that he is going to get a missionary who has a hard time following rules, which is funny because he hates to have to be the "mature" one. So he will have fun. I’m hoping I go to the island because one of my closest missionary friends is there and he dies soon so I want to be there for it.

But I’ll tell you all about my new stomping grounds next week

Elder Parks

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