Monday, March 24, 2014

Strange Food & An Angelic Choir

Me and my old comp in Hispanic attire
Me and my new comps 
Me and Luke Bryan
Just me
Guess what? I live right next to the little Sugarland airport so I watch private jets and Cessnas and such take off and land as we go to and from the apartment. One day when I come back to visit we can fly into it.  And my companion’s girlfriend is in Fort Collins, Colorado on her mission right now.  If I never got reassigned I could be there too.

Last P-day we went to the Houston rodeo.  Well it was actually kinda lame cuz the real cowboy stuff didn't start till 6 and that's when we had to leave.  So we just watched mutton bustin’ and walked around the carnival and the livestock show.  And I entered to win like 4 different ford trucks so I might be sending home some cars.  

And also in this area we tutor kids every week in a trailer park because none of the kids there ever graduate from high school so we are going to change that!  It’s pretty fun cuz niños are the best!  

And I had my first super weird member dinner on the mission.  We went over to the Santiago family and it was fish and salad.  Except the fish, they just cooked a straight up fish!  Like with the tail and head and scales and all!  And it was all brown and gray it looked so nasty.  We were like picking out spines and stuff the whole time.  But it wasn't too bad, just gross looking and super hard to eat with the bones.  Then the salad was just some garnish, like on a restaurant plate, and red onions with no dressing.  It was so weird! Hispanics, man...

But next week, we do have a lady getting baptized.  Her name is Floris and she is like 50.  She is the best!  We gave her all the pamphlets and she read and studied them all and then read them to her family.  And she already does "family home evening" or something like it 2 times a week.  And she heard people at church pay tithing but since she doesn't have a church she donates more than 10% to charities every week.  She is so ready! 

And we teach kids named Jorge and Amaironi. (Like Georgio Armani, but not!) but she is 16 and she has come to a baptism and said she felt something weird but good, aka the spirit.  And George just loves the activities and how there is always food.  But they will be baptized on the 19 of April and the only thing Amaironi is worried about is that her mom won’t approve, but the mom tells us that she doesn't care. I think Amaironi just doesn't want to take a chance, but they come to church and mutual so they are solid.

Oh and the ward choir sang yesterday. Oh boy!  Hispanics and choirs just don't mix well!  It’s like mustard and orange juice!  They were just shouting in their high pitched voices.  Haha, but I love it at the same time.

Anyways, Love, Elder Parks

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