Monday, March 17, 2014

Good Times with the AP's!

So this week, in my last day in la marque, we did a whole day in our service clothes.  We had planned to help one person move, paint a guys house, and help build a patio.  So we just decided to ride bikes the whole day and see who else we could help.  So we helped move and paint but the patio job backed out.  But we did meet some other people and help with yard work and stuff.  It was super fun, and I spent almost the whole day in jeans and my shark shirt and my vans!

But then I got transferred up to Sugarland, the area where the mission office is. So just send anything to the office at 602 Eldridge Rd. Sugarland, TX 77478 because we are there like every other day.  We are also there a lot because I am companions with an AP, Elder Johnson, and Elder Garcia, a kid from Spain that I came in with.  So pretty much we are the best companionship ever! 

And elder Johnson teaches me everything both throughout the day and comp studies.  I learn so much but he makes me feel like I don’t even know what the gospel is at the same time.  Our comp studies usually start out with us sharing what we learned in personal study and then one of us has a question so we pretty much go deep doctrine discussion for the rest of the hour.  Like we have discussed how Jesus is both the father and the son, and how we can personally become Saviors, and Mosaic Law, and other stuff I don’t even know.  It’s crazy but super fun! 

And Elder Garcia just teaches me Spanish and cuz he is from Spain he pronounces all his c's as th's so his name Garcia is actually "Garthia" and he says "Grathias."  Me and Elder Johnson start doing that too sometimes but way overkill and its super funny! 

And we live in an apartment with the other AP companionship so its us 3 and then Elder Jones (AP) who I’m super good friends with from my last zone, and then two big poly elders.  I’m pretty much poly now cuz I just hang with the poly group at meetings.  I’m not “Palongi” anymore (I don’t even know how to spell that but it’s the Samoan version of gringo). 

But our apartment gets crazy. Like Elder Johnson taught me how to throw cards last night (btw he almost broke the world record but didn’t cuz he cant find a place big enough to throw, and he can cut fruit and stick cards into the sheetrock.)  So we just started throwing at each other but it turned into a brawl with the polys.  Crazy stuff!

And we drive a Tacoma now!  So no more tiwi, not more speed checks.  We don’t have a limit on miles and we drive a truck!  And it’s a brand new one so it’s better than the one I had.

But pretty much this transfer will be super fun and I will learn a lot!  And the area is super ready!  Like this week we went from 0 dates to 5 people to get baptized in April!

Love Lund

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