Monday, March 31, 2014

A Baptism on my Birthday!

Floris being baptized!
In our apartment
This week we meet an 18 yr. old girl that is a Buddhist.  One day her teacher lady asked her what church is most like Christ.  She said Mormons because they are the only ones that send people out in the world to serve others.  And then her teaching lady told her to follow her heart and join the Mormons!  So pretty much we will baptize her and her whole family cuz her parents think the same thing.  So the Buddhists are doing missionary work for us!

And we are teaching a 16 and 10 yr old, Amairani and Jorge.  Amairani wants to be baptized and Jorge likes the church cuz mutual is fun and he gets free snacks.  But their mom, who was fine with it before, is now super against it now. She won’t let them go to activities or be baptized.  We have to teach them outside now.  I think it is just strengthening Amairani's desire to be baptized.  But we are just going to serve the mom all we can to soften her heart cuz she loves us, just not baptism.  So we are helping to paint her house tomorrow. Hopefully it works out.

And on my birthday we had a baptism!  It was for Floris.  She is like 45 and super cool.  We like never taught her cuz she would read the pamphlets and know it so well she didn't want to waste time talking about it!  The baptism was super cool. I’ll send a pic.

To answer your questions, all my stuff is holding up.  My shoes and pants and shirts are all good (check out his shoes in the picture above!).  BTW, Mr. Mac is terrible.  Turns out every missionary hates them and I see why.  The pants shrink and all the stitching comes out.  So I never wear those pants, but I got some from goodwill that I wear instead.

Love, Elder Parks

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