Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference and a Buddhist Temple

Conference was pretty rad.  We just watched it at the church.  Then we had a baptism that night with Eliza and Katherine.  They are 18 and 16 and the daughters of a recent convert.  They are super cool and now we are going to try and baptize the mom.

During the sessions on Saturday, we were going to go mow an investigators lawn while they were out of town, but we got there and halfway through the dad walked out!  Turns out they didn’t leave till that night but it was super cool because we got to serve with the dad together.

And last Monday we went to a Buddhist temple to surprise this same family at their meetings.  So we got there at like 6pm and parked in this field with a bunch of other cars.  There were about 600 people listening to a large Asian monk guy.  It was different!  We got special water and wish necklaces. Then some old guy and I sang some song while holding a candle in the air for his wife who had passed on.  It was a new experience!  Then when we tried to leave early we couldn’t get out cuz our car was completely blocked in so we had to wait till like 10pm till it ended and people started to leave.  So we ended up getting home at like 10:30pm, which is our bed time.

Today we are going to NASA so we are emailing super fasty.

Elder Parks

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