Monday, April 28, 2014

The Sierra Family

My son’s name is Elder McKinley.  He is from San Diego and younger than I was when I first started.  He is kinda awkward but super funny!  And he really likes to work which is super good.  The only thing is he can get offended super easily so I’m learning to develop a lot of patience and charity.  He has a GF and has a big picture of her on his desk, a binder full of letters to read every night, and a teddy bear from her he sleeps with... so we are working with that!  

And another thing is me and Elder Johnson, our personalities, just mix so well. And we joke and tell stories and like to do things the same way.  But elder McKinley is completely different in a good way though.  We are doing a lot of things different and I think it will help.  I was also made District Leader, but that’s super easy.  I just call people and help them accomplish their goals.

I don’t know if you know about the Sierras but they are the coolest.  We were over at their house for a long time on Saturday.  They needed our help organizing everything in their backyard and then wanted us to stay for dinner.  So we showed up and the dad wasn’t there so we just played soccer and tag with the kids.  It was so fun cuz we played with ones that range from age 3-13.  Then when the dad got home we organized the backyard and it was full of the kitchen parts of a food truck he used to have.  That stuff is so heavy!  Good thing we have been getting big lately!  But that took an hour and then it took another hourish to start the food so we played some more and talked with the dad.  And we couldn’t leave or else Hispanics get super offended.  But the food was sooo good!  It was special Honduran homemade flour tortillas filled with beans, carne asada, cheese, sour cream sauce, and onions.  And then it’s eaten like a big taco.  It was something else.

And by the end of the night, the parents said they wanted to adopt us and we can sleep on the floor!  And the 13 yr old kid who doesn’t have many friends and has some depression said he is going to cry if any of us leave.  But it all paid off!   The whole family came to church and the 18yr old said she got her answer that she wants to be baptized on May 24.  The kids said it wasn’t boring like all their other churches.  We have progressed so much with them.  We started with us only being able to come over on tuesdays at 4:30 and them not even being home!  But now they invite us over everyday, half the time to eat and just play.  So we have had to give them some slack.  I feel like I’m dating their family, haha!

Elder Lund

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