Monday, May 5, 2014

Great News about the Sierra Family!

This week I met a man who thought he was God.  Turns out he is a fat man from Costa Rica... we talked to him on the street and he said he pays and supplies all his needs with no ones help and he determines his future so therefore he is God because it’s all just him. And his name was Jesus so you can’t really argue with that, haha.

The Sierras got answers that the church and the Book of Mormon are true!  The mom one day just decided to pray in the car and she did and said she was just overwhelmed with the spirit!  So she ran inside to tell Gisselle, her daughter, and found her crying by her bed cuz she just prayed and felt the spirit too!  So they both were sitting there talking and a long lost cousin who served a mission randomly called to talk about the church.  Then after their experiences he wanted to pray with them and in the prayer he blessed the mom’s pains and troubles that she has never told anyone before.  And then Gisselle had a dream that she was in a super bright room with three men, and they told her to keep going on this path if she wants her and her family to be happy and be together forever.  Then they told her to wake up and when she did she realized that it was 7am exactly, when she needed to get ready for her trip, yet she never set an alarm.  Then at her Buddhist temple, her Buddhist monk read her mind and asked her to keep doing what she is doing with us.  And when she thought "keep reading the Book of Mormon?" he just said yes, exactly that and don’t stop.  She never said a word to him the whole time.  So their whole family takes all these experiences as signs from God that they need to be baptized, and not from the Costa Rican Jesus but from Heavenly Father.  And the mom and the dad never wanted to be married for 18 yrs but now they want to so that they can be baptized with their kids on the 24th and live with them forever.  Their main goal is an eternal family. It’s super cool!

(In answer to some questions Dad asked) Yes, I’m DL here but all I do is make calls every day or so and I will probably only have one district meeting this transfer, if that, because we are having a lot of extra meetings.  Yes, baptism is a long process here.  The shortest I’ve seen was 3 weeks and that was because we were seeing them everyday and they missed the first week of church. But the average time here is 6 weeks. 

So we will be Skyping on Sunday probably around 4:30-ish.  We will do it at the house of Hermana Marcela Diaz.  She is super nice and speaks English too.  I’m going to give her your information tomorrow or so and she is going to call you and make sure everything is working before hand.  And she will probably be really crazy excited to meet our parents so it will be fun. 

Also this week I realized I really miss being able to just zone out or stare at a wall for a couple minutes. It’s a real blessing to have that time but you can’t do it as a missionary. It’s too bad.  I miss just being able to be lost and not thinking about anything.  That’s probably what I’ll do for like 3 days when I get home!

Anyways, I’ll see y'all in a week!

Elder Lund

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