Monday, May 12, 2014

Giselle's Answer to the Book of Mormon

The Colons, the army guy that gave us a bowflex

With JR Sierra after his middle school band concert

The two littlest Sierras:  Kenneth and Eileen

Yeah, the Mother’s Day call was fun, and now I don’t know what to write!  I was super sick all week but it’s pretty much cleared up now. 

Giselle Sierra got another answer.  She went to bed after reading the Book of Mormon and she had a question.  She has a sheet of paper next to her bed to write down her questions but she forgot to write it down.  So she went to bed with a blank sheet of paper.  The next day she woke up and her answer was on the paper.  She ran to get her mom and when they came back the paper was blank! Talk about Twilight Zone over here!   And she won’t tell us what it was because it’s too personal.  She hasn’t even been baptized and she is already receiving personal revelation!

And they all came to church yesterday.  All 8 of them!  It was super cool and they all loved it and said they will never go anywhere else, haha.  Then afterwards the Sierras and the Santiagos (their fellowshippers, a family of 6) just hung out all day after church together.  So I’m pretty sure they are liking the church.  They are super cool.  They are set on all of us being best friends forever and ever.

But I don’t have much more to add to that. Have a good week!

Elder Parks

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