Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tamales & Temple Work

This week was super cool because we got to teach a few lessons with Floris and Anthony Sierra.  They are both recent converts so it was super cool to see them bear their own testimonies and help share the gospel!

Then Friday night at the Sierras we learned how to make Honduran tamales!  The next day they had a birthday party for Aileen, the 4 year old, so they invited us over to show us how to make them.  The ingredients were all prepared, but we had to dry out the banana leaves.  All we had to do is put them on a hot pan and the wet parts turn white so you have to press the moisture out.  They gave us paper towels cuz the pan is super hot but I wanted to be a true catracho so I did it with just my fingers on the hot pan.  It was rough but worth it!  (Btw’s “catracho” is a native Honduran). I don’t get it, Maira and Gisselle just handled the pans with their bare hands like they weren’t even hot!  But after we dried the leaves we put in a corn paste thing and a tomato paste and then meat, peas, and potato.  Then they get rapped in foil and put in the cooker for like an hour.  They ended up super good!

And then Saturday morning, we got to go to the temple with 4 of our recent converts and 6 others from the ward and do baptisms for the dead.  I was bummed because elders are not allowed to baptize in the temple but I did get to be a witness and do a few font-side confirmations.  It was super spiritual because all of them had family names and they were super happy!

And then yesterday I finally got a taste of the Texas rainstorms. It was crazy!  We would run from the car to the door and just be soaking wet it was raining so hard!  Our phone got a bunch of tornado and flood and crazy warnings.  Too bad there was no tornado but there was a lot of flooding.  Super fun but it was nothing compared to the tropical storm they had last year. Maybe one day…

Next week I’ll tell y'all about the Sierras going to the temple!
Elder Parks

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