Monday, June 2, 2014

Temple Work with New Convert Families!

The Melgars 
The Sierras
Converts from last week

This week we went to the temple again, twice!  We went once with the Sierras. While we went inside with Anthony and Giselle, the parents and the kids stayed outside and walked around the gardens. Inside Anthony was able to be baptized for his grandpa, and Giselle was able to be baptized for a grandma she had never met but who had asked for help in a recent dream. It was super powerful!

Then we got outside and all the kids were smiling because the temple just felt so nice. The mom was crying because she was thinking about how she will be baptized soon and go in.  And even the dad, who is the hardest to get to, said “it just feels different,” and because he works up by the temple he wants to stop by and just walk around outside to feel better.

Then we went to the temple the next day with the Melgars.  It was special because he has been investigating for 20 years! Then when Elder Johnson came to the area he helped Hermano Melgar go through a long repentance process and be baptized.  Then the last week of Elder Johnson’s mission he watched Hermano Melgar get baptized for his father in the temple.  It was so cool because it was only we missionaries, Hermano Melgar and his wife, and our Ward Mission Leader in the room.  No one else so it was quiet and our Mission Leader could pronounce the prayers slowly to fully appreciate the experience.  It was a good week!

Then yesterday was Elder Johnson’s last day to proselyte so we tried to see all the recent converts and give them his last message.  We saw 14 of the 17.  But at the end of the day with the sierras, oh boy! You would of thought that Elder Johnson was walking away to his death! Their whole family was just balling! And we taught a lesson on forgiveness that was one of the most powerful lessons I’ve ever taught. But Maira, the mom, filmed everything we did while we were there, haha!  

And at the end of the night, the dad said a prayer and it was so heartfelt. He prayed for the safety of all of us wherever we went and gave gratitude of our families letting us come and teach them.  He also prayed that all of us could stay family forever here on earth and be together in heaven.  It was so cool!

Elder Lund

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