Monday, June 9, 2014

New Companion, New Apartment, New Car!

This week I got a new companion, a new apartment, and a new car.  My companion is Elder Preece from American Fork, Utah.  He was my Zone Leader in Galveston for 3 transfers and now we are companions and he is my Zone Leader again.  He’s super fun and he wants to work hard so hopefully we will. And I lost Elder McKinley so it’s just us two.  And we moved into a new apartment on the third floor.  It’s funny how now I moved somewhere brand new with nothing in it from before, and it made me realize all the little things we need! Like butter and toilet paper and salt and laundry detergent.  My last apartment just had it all so it didn’t matter.

And since I’m not with the AP, I lost my truck.  Now we have a Ford Fusion.  It’s brand new so that’s pretty nice but I don’t really like it compared to a Tacoma.  So all the changes are fun and exciting and stuff.

This week Jose Sierra came to church again and their cousin Luis too!  When we first met Luis he wouldn’t talk to us but we saw him and José last night and just ate baliadas with them.  (Dad’s note:  baliadas are Honduran; tortillas filled with stuff and folded over). It was super cool though because Luis opened up about his whole life and his plans and stuff. And José said that he will always come to church and his goal now is to get married and baptized and then keep going for the rest of his life!  They are super cool.  We are also working with their friend, Christian. He is super cool and he keeps all his commitments and he somehow just shows up at church. We have no idea how he gets there but he does, haha! 

And btw this whole time I’ve been talking to 8 yr old Ethan Ashton so I don’t know if this will make too much sense!

Thanks for the letters, Elder Parks

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