Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Convert Baptism this Week!

Received these pics from one of the Ward members! 
Elder Lund, his companion, and a new investigator

That’s so cool the kids are all spiritual and such! It’s more than I ever did.  But I wish I had prayed and read scriptures more often before my mission.  Don’t let them quit it!

So this week Christian got baptized!  It was so cool, and his whole family came to support.  And Jonathan Naranjo baptized him.  He is leaving on his mission in a month.  But the water leaked out sooo much!  It was a just barely past their knees... it reminded me of your baptism when there was no water and the girl had to turn her head to fit.  But Christian is such a stud!  He is better dressed at church than most, even though he has only been a couple times. And I didn’t get a picture because I lost my camera charger but I just bought a new one so don’t fret.  But he even came to stake conference this week and it was 45 min away. But yes stake conference was pretty good, super long though.  And we brought Amairani and then they started talking super heavily about eternal marriage and she just started shaking her head, haha.  And the woman who brought her, an old grandma lady, Amairani said she got all weird about marriage to Amairani.

And we also had our quarterly interviews on Tuesday.  Everyone was taking a super long time and so I went in and just told him strait up that he was way behind schedule and so we just needed to keep it short, and he was like "perfect."  But then he went and started talking about how a lot of missionaries are going home soon and a lot of them are leaders and somebody needs to fill those spots.  And I was just thinking no way, don’t do that President.  So I think I’ll just slack off for a little bit so he doesn’t call me to do too much!  But he is making me make lists of my personal goals for everyday so I can become better accountable for myself.  He just knows me all too well because I’m like the least self-motivated person ever.  Every day my first goal is to "make tomorrow’s list" because I forget everyday!  I don’t think its working yet... maybe one day!


elder lund

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