Monday, July 7, 2014

Temple, Rain, and Defensive Driving!

# Temple Pic with Mirna
Our rain gear this week
A cookie we made for the Bishop's son who is going to Peru

So this week I decided I’m going to be an MMA fighter!  I had a dream about the movie Warrior and it was pretty sweet.  Also, my comp told me about the 4 Hour Work Week, a book he read, and the guy in his time off trained to be a MMA fighter and was the champ... so that’s my destiny, I decided, haha!  

But seriously, a couple days ago, I was driving and pulled out into a median, but I guess the lady thought I was going into traffic so she slammed on her brakes and honked her horn and freaked out!  Then I thought she was nice and let me in, but I soon realized she wanted to take a picture of my license plate!  So I swooped off into some side neighborhood and she followed me.  I drove around casually for a little, but she was still behind me so I got all "Italian Job" on her and made my get away.  In the end she got stuck in a dead end while I casually drove behind her.  She flipped me off, but that will teach her what happens when she fights God's army!

And there was a bunch of rain... like a bunch!  One minute was sunny and the next was dumping in a split second.  We got stuck under an awning outside and the lady left us to go inside, so she gave us trash bags to put over us and run to our car.  I’ll show you a picture.  It was like that half the week.  And the lighting was intense!  It would flash for almost a full second in one spot so we could see it really well.  And it was crazy colors, white, blue, purple and even red.

And I saw an armadillo today!  first time ever!  They look so weird.  They look like robot animals, almost like something in universal studios. But it scampered away before I could snap a pic.

Also this week, Floris taught me how to make Honduranian pineapple drink and Honduranian enchiladas (really they are just tostadas, but I’ll keep that secret). They were super good though.  She slow roasted meat with vegetables, then put fresh lettuce and cucumber and tomatoes and stuff on top.  BTW, tomatoes are still the grossest things... ugh.

We also went to the temple with Mirna.  She got baptized in March and she was able to be baptized for her grandma!  It was really powerful for her.  It was a good week.

And thanks for the advice.  That’s what I’m trying to focus on, just enjoying everything the most I can and just being a friend to everyone.  I still have a lot of work, but the mission goes a lot smoother that way.  And to me being a leader doesn’t have any extra perks, just more responsibilities. But it’s good for me.  I have to always be an example, think about what the people in my district need, plan effective district meetings and a bunch of other stuff.  I guess it’s good because I can’t just fly under the radar anymore ;)

love you dad,

elder lund

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