Monday, July 28, 2014

The New Area in Port Lavaca!

So this week we have been biking a ton because the last elder used a lot of miles before he left.  It was so hot and we would just be soaked in sweat after like 6 minutes!  And then a couple days ago, we noticed a little note on our miles record that 230 miles are excused for when he went to the temple.  So pretty much we just got 230 miles for free and we have been driving everywhere.  We are just blowing miles because if one goes over on monthly miles then they take them away from your next month’s total.  But even if you go under, they still take miles away and give them to other people to use next month.  So pretty much unless you hit it exactly, miles will be taken away.

Also this week, President did an atonement training for all of the new-ish missionaries.  And since my companion elder steed came in just 3 transfers ago, we got to go.  And boy does that man know a lot!  It was like 2 hours long and he shared a billion scriptures.  Pretty much, if I read any of the scriptures on my own I would be super confused, but through his prophesying he made everything make sense.  I don’t think I ever could have learned all that in a whole life of studying.  He taught us all about justice and mercy and why it cannot be any different and then everything that would cease to exist if the atonement never happened which is everything, even gravity. It was nutty.

And in our branch, there are two key characters.  One is brother B.  He is a 300 pound white football coach.  And the other, Presidente S, he is a middle aged Hispanic rolling around on his $15 million he won from the lottery. B speaks about 10 Spanish words and S speaks about 20 English words but somehow they are the best of pals in the branch.  They call each other Capitan and Angel Moroni and just make fun of each other all day.  Like at the pioneer activity we had on Saturday, they just stayed outside and bbq-ed all day together, I don’t know what they do.  

And the branch just wouldn’t be complete without either of them. Basset just knows a bunch of doctrine and scriptures and literally carries the branch.  S just has an "answer" for everything but has no references to back it up.  He just brings happiness to the branch, which is really good because B and his wife sometimes judge and cause contention with anyone they don’t like so it makes it hard for some people to enjoy parts of church like the classes and the Sacrament.  It’s a crazy branch but it’s a fun one for sure!

Elder Lund

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