Monday, August 4, 2014

Lots of good people in Port Lavaca!

Ya everything’s good here in Port (Lavaca) and we are focusing on a couple people right now.  One is Dominique Campos.  The Campos family is the best!  The mom, Christi, calls us her boys (as in sons, not the ghetto way) and she wants us to call her Tia which is aunt in Spanish.  So the dad has been a member forever and the mom and other daughters got baptized a year ago. But Dominique is still strong in her Catholic church.  And she hasn’t liked missionaries in the past.  But when I got here we just tried to be her friend and help her out.  Like we just helped her on a school project and we went to one of her bible camp skits at her church. And now she is super cool to us.  We gave her the blueprint talk and she really opened up and felt the spirit.  But she will never admit it in front of anyone.  She only opens up if we text her about something otherwise she is just her normal sassy self.  So hopefully we can slowly work with that.

Also, we are teaching a girl named Darlene Flores.  She is a single mom who is unemployed and living with a friend who is a member at our church.  Darlene has been to church every week for about two months now.  It is just super hard to see her outside that, so we have only taught her a couple lessons.  She has a baptismal date for Aug 17 and all she needs to do is to stop drinking coffee and she will be solid.  And its just because she has been to church so many times that she has a testimony of its truth even though she hasn’t really been taught much.

This week we taught a Santa Muerte worshipper.  It was pretty crazy.  I used to see them a lot in my last area but, I actually taught one here.  They are super crazy.  They believe in God but this lady, Santa Muerte, is the one who controls life.  She is the one who has the power to let you live or take you in any day.  So all of her followers have a statue of her in her house and they pray to her and give her sacrifices.  They give her whatever she tells them.  Sometimes its fruit or food, sometimes money or cigarettes.  And all of her believers have super strong feelings because they have all talked to her and made deals with her.  I’m pretty sure that they are just making deals with the devil though.  And of all the missionaries I’ve talked to, I’ve only heard of one have some success with a Santa Muerte person, because they believe that if they stop doing what she says, she will come and kill them, and they all have seen signs like when they forget to pray one day and they get super sick.  So they pretty much believe that once they get in with her, you can never get out.  Pretty nutty stuff.

But those are the main people we are working with.  Other than that we see some other people, but they don’t really progress or change.   But we do have a lot of possibilities so that’s super good.  Anyways, hope you have a good week

Elder Lund

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