Monday, August 11, 2014

The Fruits of 30-Minute Prayers!

So this week our Zone Leader has encouraged us to say a 30 minute or (2) 15-minute prayers before we leave each day.  At first it seemed super hard and super weird that before we left my companion would pray for 15 minutes and then I would do the same right after him.  But let me tell ya, they work miracles! At the beginning of the week, we just drove around all day looking for people to teach.  It was pretty rough.  Then by the end, we started to be blessed with most of our investigators.  With Dominique, she usually likes to put up a sassy front and not show her true desires, but we found out she has kept in contact with a previous missionary and she told him she wants to be baptized "hopefully soon."

Then with a man named Baltazar, we haven’t taught him for a month and then we saw him two days ago.  We found out he has been living the Word of Wisdom for 3 months and the law of chastity for almost a month now.  He also got a new job so he doesn’t have to work with shrimp any more (he is allergic to shrimp). and all he wants to do is read the Book of Mormon and go to church so we were able to get him a DMV book so he can get his license.

And then there is a young guy named Stalin.  I had never met him in my whole month here but Elder Steed said he was super prepared, we just could never see him.  Even his neighbors would tell us to leave because he is not interested in religion!  Well, we finally got in a few days ago and taught him the restoration. Turns out he loves religion and wants to find out if this church is true because he has "nothing to lose."  Then we passed by last night and turns out he had read the intro and a few of the first few pages and said he was interested!  It’s like the first person I’ve ever taught that does their reading the first time!  But we were able to set a baptismal date with him and hopefully we are going to teach him and his wife and kids tonight.

The only bad thing this whole week is that Darlene has been sick the past few weeks and we have not seen her at her house or church, and she is supposed to be baptized this weekend, so we will really have to work on that.

Also this week, Elder Steed and I got super sick.  I think we ate some overly ripened bananas.  They didn’t look or taste bad, but they were a bit soft.  I don’t know but I just know that we only got a few hours of teaching in until Elder Steed started throwing up and we had to go home for a bit.  Pretty much Elder Steed would just throw up, sleep on the bathroom floor for about 30 min, and then wake to throw up again.  This went on for a few hours while I just sat there dying because my stomach was super tight, but I couldn’t do anything.  I read a good chunk of the Book of Mormon and talked on the phone with investigators.  Then we took some medicine and I threw it all up.  

Well, it was about 6:30pm by then so we decided go out and teach. Our stomachs hurt a bunch, but no upheavals. We ended up seeing a guy who is never home and helped him to de-stress a lot and talk things out.  And he opened up about how he is doing a lot of bad things and just can’t seem to get himself to turn away.  At least we know what he needs now.  He is the guy who grew up with Lords of Dogtown.  

And we ended the night knocking on some trailer and then I just heard breathing so I turned my head and about 5 feet away was just a huge cow just chillin’.  It was super cool.  We just stared at each other for a while and then I tried to touch him but he sauntered off to eat some grass.

And I decided that I have become lactose intolerant on my mission. I suspected a month or so ago but now my hypothesis is a fact because every time I drink milk or do anything dairy, my stomach dies afterward.  I’ve heard it happen to a couple missionaries here too. Like it happened to Elder Johnson, but then he just ate ice cream everyday for a year and got over it.  So pretty much every day for the next year is going to be a battle.  Should be fun...

Elder Lund

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