Monday, August 18, 2014

One of the Hardest Lessons of my Mission!

Me and my bird friend Paco saying Hello!
Elder Steed's rendition of Elder Lund and a Hispanic Ryan Gosling

This week I saw a firefly for the first time!  It was so rad!  Just a little green light moving around in the air. I tried to catch him but his light went out so I lost him. And we went to eat at a member’s house this week, the Balderas. They remind me exactly of the Palfrymans in our ward. But we went to help the Hermana get ready for her seminary presentation and after she made us some super good tacos with beans, carne asada, and egg.  And for sauce they gave us habenero salsa and it was neon lime green. I thought it was nuclear!  It was super spicy but super good tasting.

This week I taught the hardest lessons of my whole mission!  There is a guy named Don Baker who bought a Book of Mormon at a yard sale and has read it and believes its true.  We always talk and teach him on the phone but he has never let us go to his house.  Well he called us this week and said we had to come over.  So we went over and turns out he wanted to talk to his 30-yr old son who wants to commit suicide.  So we just talked to him to see what he likes and find out what he is looking for.  Well turns out he has an IQ of over 150 and he is just too smart for the world.  He takes sedatives to calm his mind down so he is more normal.  But he tried a bunch of churches and prayed and studied and said he has received no witness that God loves his children or that he has a purpose in life.  He only believes in what has physical proof but he does believe in a "higher power" and Joseph Smith was inspired and saw a heavenly being.  But he believes there is nothing else in this life and he is just like a long distance runner who can run no more.  He just wants to be done and he doesn’t believe in a life after.  

Well everything we tried to teach him, he would just interrupt and give us some science fact and say we were wrong.  Also, from the beginning he kept saying he thought they were going to send someone older with more experience. Pretty much after 15 minutes he just said we were wasting our time and kicked us out of his house.  Man, I felt like the worst missionary ever after that!  But me and Elder Steed decided we did the best we could and now we just pray for him. The dad has a Mormon friend that is coming to visit and the son said he will wait for him to see what he has to say so the son will be good for now.

Besides that, this week we didn’t have much work.  We have had a couple people say they don’t want to talk to us anymore and a couple that just look out the window at us and never open the door. So we spent a lot of time on our bikes, which biking is always fun.  And we have been sick of getting flats and the patches not working so we just went and got the super thick tubes with slime in them that fill up holes.  No flats yet!  Anyways, we were just talking to people all week.  Usually no one is outside in this heat, but one day, everyone was outside and we spent most of our day just talking to random people.  Only one person said we could come back and gave us their address, but hopefully all the others will feel something and call us.  But we did get pretty nice tans.  And then we found out that a recent convert here, Dominique Campos' mom, Cristi, has been reading the Bible and hard core studying it.  Then when her husband gets home from work, he sits down with his Bible and talk and study what she read.  That’s so cool!  Then we go over and she just gives us highlights of the last few days and teaches us.  Missionary work is the best!

Elder Lund

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