Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good times in Port Lavaca!

Our little apartment

Me and my trusty Steed

Elder Steed

I’ve been banished to Port Lavaca.  Well that’s what everyone says. It’s where they put the people they just want to forget about. It’s the farthest place from the mission home, around 3 hours. To get here we had to drive through the biggest hickville I’ve ever seen, where every other car is a Ford truck and all the other ones are Chevy trucks!  On the main road people use cups to write in their cylone fences… things like "obama is ruining everything" and "wake up America!" And everything has a very basic name like “town store” and “restaurant”.  One of them even got a little wild and was called “restaurant and donut”.  It was pretty funny.  Then you get to port… i think it looks like the ghetto of a Nicholas Sparks movie.  Every house in the whole town is a trailer or a mobile home.  I think there are only 1 or 2 neighborhoods of actual homes. But I love it here!  Everybody is a little crazy and super cool. And everyone has either moved or grew up here and just seems to be stuck here.  Plus, we drive a Jeep Compass so it’s one of the best cars of the mission, haha!

And we went to Wal-Mart yesterday, and you know how in Wal-Mart it’s always a game to look for the crazy people?  Well here its a little different. Its a game to look for the normal people!  But we have been biking a ton because we have no miles this month. In fact, one day we got a combined total of 8 flat tires! It was so lame!  I’m pretty sure they line the road with thorns here!

My companion’s name is Elder Steed.  He is from Ogden and super new to the mission.  He is super cool!  He loves to skate, we listened to the same kind of music, and he is like a California kid just residing in Utah.

So this week, we built a deck Hispanic-style, just winging it the whole way.  It turned out pretty decent actually. It was sweet, he just handed me a skill saw or something and just told me to start cutting while he did other stuff. And we also found this little taco truck hidden in an alley, but it was so good. They were some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. And turns out people drive from all over to go to it. But they had a huge skillet-grill thing that he was just going to town on.  I’ve decided that any kitchen without one is just not complete.

Right after we met a guy named Bill and turns out he grew up in Dog town, like in the movie Lords of Dog Town.  He grew up skating and surfing with Tony Alva and Stacy and all of them.  He was so cool.  He just told us crazy stories of him charging 15-foot waves in Baja and how they almost surfed mavericks with Alva and now he is some old guy selling houses in south Texas for a living.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about just ask Hunter and he can fill you in.

And here we also have a bilingual branch with like 40 people so we have to translate all the meetings and teach half the classes. It’s pretty fun but the guy who teaches Elders Quorum never finishes his sentences so translating for him was impossible!  At least none of the Hispanics care too much.

But yeah, Port Lavaca is super fun.  The last guy was here for 14 months!  I hope I’m not like that though!  I want to go to the city and get super good at Spanish. We shall see…

Elder Lund 

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