Monday, July 14, 2014

Bummed to be be transferred with so much good happening!

So this week I don’t really remember much of what I did. I usually copy down from my journal what I do, but I forgot.  I’ll try my best.  I am getting transferred on Wednesday. Ugh, its the worst!  I don’t want to leave here, and we are about to have 3 baptisms hopefully in the next two weeks, but oh well.  I’ll probably get transferred to the boonies or something and get eaten by dogs everyday! 

We also had an investigator devotional last night.  It was my first one and the coolest things ever!  A bunch of people that got baptized in the last 6 months got up and shared their testimony of their conversion story and overcoming certain trials and the spirit was so strong!  Too bad we couldn’t get any of our current investigators to come. Yesterday was rough, we invited so many to the devotional and to church and only one family came, which is still super good and amazing, but most of the people who we’re teaching didn’t come.

So as of right now Christen is super strong and just got the priesthood, so hopefully he will go to the temple next week.  Also his sister, Lizette, has taken all the lessons and loved church yesterday so she will probably get baptized on Sunday.  And Rapha is starting to get his answer and he has noticed his life has changed a lot for the better. The only problem is his date dropped and he said he will just tell us when he is ready to get baptized.  That’s the worst because then you never know how much to talk about baptism and help him progress without him getting mad because we don’t respect his decisions... But we still see him and are good friends.  He could get baptized by next week too.  

Also, I don’t know if I ever talked about Diego.  He is related to Floris and we finally got permission to baptize him.  So he will either get baptized next week with Lizette or the week after with some other cub scouts.  This is the worst part about missionary work: We get all this success and so many people ready… and now I have to leave it all.  It’s rough but hopefully I don’t go too far and I can come back for their baptisms...

So recently I have started all my studies with a conference talk from the Ensign dad gave me.  It is super nice.  Today I read the one about our 4 minutes by the Presiding Bishop.  Man, it was so cool!  I must have dazed during that whole talk because I learned so much this morning!  It talks about how life on earth compared to eternity is like an athletes 4 minutes in the Olympics compared to a lifetime of practice.  And I like the comparisons it makes between the "checkpoints" and "practice" and how we should always compete our best but at the same time help others to compete their best. 

I also like Monson’s talk on love. That is something I have been trying to improve on my mission, always being kind and compassionate and forgiving.  Also helping others to succeed and grow.  And it helped me to understand a lot about how far one little compliment can go or how easy for us, but how much that little act means to someone.  You know, if you ever have nothing to do, now you have two talks you can read.

Love you guys!

Elder Lund

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