Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter and Celebrating the Ressurrection

Yes, I got your package.  Easter was super fun but I’ll talk about that later.  And having an AP for a companion is cool.  He is a spiritual giant so I learn so much. We sometimes have to go to the office for a little, but not much.  But when we do we just watch bible videos, which are my favorite things now.  There is a link on  And for sure tonight watch the "Because of Him" video either off or  It’s so good and it made me super pumped to teach the resurrection!  And btw, LDS media has really stepped up its media! I would encourage you or Becks or anyone to explore the Mormon Channel website. There are some really cool ones.  But no, I don't ever see Pres. maybe like every other week and it’s just “hello, how’s it going” stuff.  Not even the APs really see him, just talk on the phone and at meetings.  The ones who see him are the Sister Training Leaders.  They study with him every week.
Anyways… so on my mission I have gotten super into Chipotle.  We have only been there like 3 times but it’s so good.  And if you get a burrito make sure it is double wrapped, more tortilla and it holds up better.  And the hot sauce chipotle style is super good, but if you put too much it ruins it.  I’ve been trying to get into spicy things.  We have a member, Hermana Cuevas, who is the best!  She is from Mexico (I like Mexicans better than other Hispanics, more fun and better food) but she is crazy and we were just like shouting and laughing and being sarcastic and she is the only one I can do that with.  But she made spicy taquitos and she says I have to learn to like chile so I’m not a gringo anymore cuz I have the Mexican attitude down to just be loud and obnoxious and crazy, haha.

Also you know Amairani and Jorge?  Well they aren't getting baptized anytime soon.  We tried to have a lesson with the mom and just praise her and love her and get Amairani to bear her testimony.  But right as Amairani started to get into her testimony she stuttered a bit and her mom just went off.  She was saying she doesn't believe and we are just forcing her, and she is just changing to make the mom mad, and she cussed her out.  It’s super sad cuz the mom just works so she can go out and party and get drunk.  She leaves Amairani at home to take care of Jorge all day and the mom has no interest in them.  So Amairani is done with her, so this summer she is moving in with a cousin at UCLA and going to work and finish senior year there.  Then make enough money to move Jorge out too.  It makes me so grateful for a nice family!

But Easter was super fun.  We went to a big family dinner.  In our ward there is the Perez family, and they are to our ward as the Kimball family is to Laguna Ward.  We went to their family dinner it was so fun.  Then we went to another dinner with some single sisters that live together.  She is super into music so she gave us ukuleles and tried to teach us how to play.  She also gave us a big Easter bag, but I think it’s just all her left over stuff, haha.  But we bore our testimonies of the savior there and the spirit was so strong!  Then we had to go to the office so I watched the "Because of Him" video on  Again super good!  So I got super pumped to teach about Jesus and we left and “I believe in Christ” came on in the car.  It was a version where Bruce R McConkie narrates a couple verses.  It was perfect!  But then not one person would open the door or talk to us on the street.  I was defeated.  But I still have my testimony so all is well.

It was a good week, Elder Parks

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