Monday, February 24, 2014

The Gospel Changes Lives!

Pics? ... the cord on my camera doesn’t work and I can’t find a usb drive for memory cards, but I’ll keep looking so until then.

This week, because of marti gras, missionaries aren’t allowed to be on the island for it, we had another companionship in our apartment Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  It was crazy, but super fun.  I took the part of the area that we usually don’t work cuz no one lives there so it was super hard to find people to teach, but it was good.  And then we went to the new Texas City branch for church.  Haha, its just in an office building.  And they only have 50 people but then 12 missionaries were there so we had a bunch.

I caught a lizard on Sunday and his tail fell off in the apartment so I gave my district leader 2 snickers to eat it.  He said it didn’t taste like anything, but he didn’t chew it, just swallowed it.

Oh and we have this investigator Ignacio.  And when we first met him, he had an unstable job, drank a lot, didn’t spend much time with his family and so on.  But after we’ve taught him everything and helped him to see how the gospel can bless his and his families life he has completely changed.  He hasn’t drank for 2 months.  He got a better job.  If he is not working, he is at home with his wife and kids.  They are all super happy.  It’s just cool to see how people can change when they know God will help them.  Hopefully he will get baptized now.  He has a date but his wife is a little skeptical, but we are working with her.

Oh yeah, and tell grandma thanks for my package.  I loved it!

Elder Lundy

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