Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teaching the Intoxicated

My new comp is named Elder Harper-Smith.  He is from some town by Salt Lake City.  He is a tall clumsy boy but he’s a good missionary and he is going to work me hard.  But he’s got so much energy! In the morning, he’s bouncing off the walls and I’m running into them because my eyes are barely open.  And sometimes I go somewhere and then I turn around and he’s just standing there smiling.  It freaks me out at times.  But we only speak Spanish, which is hard at times, but my Spanish should get pretty good.

But this week we have been biking a lot so we have found a lot of people. But it has also snowed this week twice.  And I’m pretty sure that Satan controls the wind because whenever we have an appointment, we bike straight into the wind. When we have nothing, the wind pushes us. But we have taught a lot of drunkards. One lady wouldn’t stop talking so I told her the answer to her question was in 1 Nephi 1 so she started reading and then we just left while she was reading and I don’t think she noticed.  Then we helped this other drunkard move his fridge in his house but halfway through, he had to take a beer break and told us to keep working.  So we moved it in and then just snuck out the back.  And this other girl wanted to talk to us about Noah and the ark and she kept quoting the movie Evan Almighty but she was convinced it was straight from the Bible. That was a fun conversation.

But we have taught a lot of people about family prayer and scripture study and how it brings families closer.  And I was able to talk about how we would pray every night together so you better still be doing that cuz I don’t want to be caught a liar.  But that’s the 411 this week.

Elder Parks

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