Monday, February 17, 2014

Prayer Circles and Off Roading

This week wasn’t like the last.  It was super slow because we are trying to teach all of our new people more times.  But it’s pretty much impossible cuz no one wants to talk about church stuff again.  They either have their own church, or they are too busy.  Or if we set an appointment, they make sure not to be home. But we have done a lot of walking this week, just for fun and to save miles.  And walking is definitely way better than in the car or on bikes.  We just cruse around and talk to everyone on the streets and play a little with the little kids outside.  And its just a lot more fun.

Haha, we have also done a lot of prayer circles.  When we go to pray, a lot of people just put out their hands and expect us to join in.  We have done it so many times its almost just natural every time.  And it’s always the best when people shake our hands during the prayer.  Or some put our hands up to their face cuz its symbolic of something.  Whatever.  But one time, when praying with somebody, I caught myself saying “dear lord” after every sentance cuz that’s what everyone does here!  It was rough.

And Elder Harper Smith, before his mission he drove a big lifted jeep and he forgets that we drive a Corolla.  If he sees a back dirt road he will just charge it and he has gotten the car stuck twice in ditches and I have to get it out for him. And because he had a jeep he’s a terrible driver.  He is just used to driving over everything, haha.  He will just cruse over curbs and bushes and it almost doesn’t even faze him.  Haha, he’s crazy!  Sometimes I have to tell him to mellow out cuz he is always flooring it, but I have to remind him that we are missionaries.

As Always,

Elder Parks

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