Monday, March 30, 2015

Transferred Back to a Prior Area to Continue Helping the Work!

Familia Amezquita in Kemah 
With Jose and Christian Lopez
All the missionaries that have worked with Jose

So, I got transferred back to H4!  It’s so fun to be back!  But also super sad to leave Kemah. This week was super fun because I just got to go around and see everyone that I left before.

The Sierras: I've returned to my familia catracho! (family from Honduras)  It was super cool to see them and how they have progressed since I've been gone. The boys all were excited to show me that they can all tie their own ties now haha.  But Anthony and Jr both pass the sacrament every week, the whole family gets to church early and sits in the front every week, and even their house feels like a good Mormon home when you walk in and talk to them.  And they threw me a huge birthday party yesterday.  They made homemade flautas :) and a huge cake.  They just made a big cake so they could do a pastelazo.  Pretty much its a Hispanic tradition that the birthday person gets their head smashed in the cake. They all have pictures of it so I will have them send them to you probably.

The Diaz:  When I left, we were working on getting their 17-yr-old daughter Paula active.  We worked super hard and by then end she had come to church twice.  I remember Hermana Diaz just crying to us about Paula and how she was making bad decisions and Hermana Diaz just wanted a united, loving family.  Well since then, and with her sister going on a mission, Paula has reactivated and now is super strong.  She goes out with the missionaries all the time and she just recently went with her mom to the General Womens conference and now is thinking about a mission. Plus, she is going to UVU so that she can be around the BYU people and transfer right in. They also made me a birthday cake and chocolate covered strawberries.  :)

The Lopez: The last week I was here (before), Elder Preece and I baptized a kid named Christian Lopez.  While I was gone, his two sisters and his mom were baptized, and Christian has become a gospel scholar.  We were in a lesson and I said we were going to read out of Mosiah 4.  Right away he says, "That's where king Benjamin is talking to his city about how to live, right?"  He did the same thing like 2 other times.  It was awesome! Well this weekend, Christian baptized his dad, Jose.  So cool!  And now the whole family is baptized and the house has a super Mormon feel as well.

Being a missionary is the best!  Now I have to pick up the work where I left off on with the Sierra parents and then Amairani.

Love Elder Lund 

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