Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference and Temple Work

With Elders Tate and Beveridge
At the Temple with Alfredo and Diazes
Celebrating my Birthday!

General Conference was so rad!  Way too much revelation acquired.  And we had delicious breakfasts before both of them.  On Saturday we ate frozen jelly beans in the car while we ran around to wake people up.  But on Sunday, we went over to the Diazes, all of us missionaries.  She made us eggs, bacon, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, donuts, and muffins.  It was so much food!  I was fighting falling asleep the whole time!  Tough one. 

And we did get a bunch of people to conference!  The Sierras watched it at home, same with the Lopez family.  Then we got the Marquezes to come, well the mom and daughter that is.  The Marquez family: the dad is a less active of many years, the mom has been studying hard core with the missionaries for about 6 months now but won’t commit to anything, the daughter is 15 and does whatever the mom will let her do (poor child), and we have only talked to the 17 year old son a few times.  But they came to conference and the mom said she really loved the music!  She didn’t say too much about the speakers but there were a lot of really good talks for her.

Then we also got the Torres family to come to a session. The 22 year old less active daughter Yuri  has lived here for 2ish years.  Then her whole less active family happened to be here on vacation when we found them. So we got them all to come watch conference before they had to go home (today). They loved it and all want to go back to church again in Peru. Especially so their 10 year old son can grow up in the church because he knew nothing.

Also this week, we went to the temple with Alfredo Valdez.  When I was here the first time, he was the biggest punk ever and always told us he doesn’t need church because "he doesn’t sin."  Whatever!  Well since I was gone, he got baptized and we went and did baptisms for the first time. And guess who took us... the Diazes, my favorite Columbians!  And after the temple we went to Sonic for summer of shakes and then had step races on Hermana Diaz’s Nike fit band.  We could never figure out how it worked so it was mostly luck.  Half the time we would do it for 15 seconds and not get a single step!  But I was the champion with 124 in 15 seconds!

Yes, I got your package.  We have sooo much candy in our apartment right now.  I put it all in the freezer because our AC broke and the apartment is 82 degrees.... inferno. 

In the picture I am with Elder Tate (brown hair).  He is from Orem, Utah.  He has been out one more transfer than I and a super consecrated missionary.  Then Elder Beveridge is from Ogden, Utah.  He has been out for 7 months and is probably the nicest person ever.

Fun week!

Elder Lund

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