Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Week! The Sierras get Baptized!

Hello! This week was super tiring, but super worth it!  I'll just go through the days for y'all.

Monday:  We had a super slow P-day.  For some reason we had to stay at the office all day, so I just surfed around Mormon channel for a long time and then we went and played some basketball in our pros clothes.  Plus, that night we put up a bunch of flyers for our English Class.  We put them all over the place:  grocery stores, auto shops... even a Catholic Virgin Mary store!

Tuesday:  We spent a lot of time waiting today.  First we woke up early to do an exchange in the city so we had to take some time to drive all the way there and go in and out of rush our traffic. Then we had district meeting.  It was super good.  We focused on being bold and teaching with authority, but it went on for like 2 hours... Ran home and we made some bomb eggs with bacon, ham, green pepper, eggs, and chunky salsa, then wrapped in a home-cooked tortilla!  But we had to scarf it down and run to our appointment at Firestone to fix our flat tire.  Well that took 3 hours... but at least in between, we walked to the church and did family history.  And from there we went to a doctors appointment for the Elder that we were on exchanges with… And that took another 3 hours... at least we got three extra hours of study time!  But for dinner, we found a Potbelly's!  Like the sandwich place we ate in DC, it was so good!  And to end the day, we taught English class!  It was so fun!  Especially to hear all the Hispanics pronounce English words. 

Wednesday:  This day we taught a bunch of lessons. We taught a 9 year old the Word of Wisdom.  Too bad we also had to pass her off to other missionaries even though we taught her everything.  Hopefully we can go to her baptism!  Then we ate chicken covered in verde sauce with a Guatemalan member.  She also made us some guayaba juice followed by a homemade cinnamon and coconut popsicle... delicioso!  Then we found the coolest kid!  His name is Elmer.  He works at a custom auto shop, skates, cuffs his pants, and has super long hair with shaved sides... and he puts it in a man bun, haha.  But he is not interested at all :( too bad. And we did splits, so me and Elder Tate taught the Bonillas with President Ashton. Talk about nerves!  I was so nervous because I would teach and he would just stare at me and evaluate me. But the lesson went super well and that’s all that matters!

Thursday: We didn’t do too much today.  We started with weekly planning and when it came time to talk about how our companionship is doing, we went to Sonic to have happy hour slushes and make it more enjoyable.  And for some reason, I thought the chocolate slush would taste super good. Well let me tell you that that was a horrible mistake.  It was so nasty!  Tasted like lemonade with a few drops of chocolate syrup in it.  I wonder who thought of that one?  Then we taught the coolest lesson with the Sierras.  We read about Moroni's standard of liberty and then had them make there own.  We had Anthony put on one of Elder Tate’s shirts and then rip it off in the middle of the lesson.  Then everyone wrote on it their personal reasons to fight and stay strong in the gospel.  Finally we put it on a broom stick and just took a bunch of pictures, haha.  They can put it right next to their Planchas de Sierra (plates of sierra).

Friday:  Elder Wells’ Birthday!  We celebrated both of our birthdays by making the cake that you sent me.  Then I got to see RM Nick Johnson!  He came back for the baptism.  It was super cool to catch up with him.  Today we taught a lesson in which he dropped himself in front of us.  In the lesson he said "Some people are prepared to receive the truth, and I just don't think I am ready..." It was super funny because he isn’t the smartest guy around so he didn’t mean it like that, but it was easy for us because we only teach prepared people.

Saturday:  We saw a lot of covenants being made!  Started the day by going to the temple with Hermano Melgar as he took out his endowments.  He should be sealed in the coming month! Then we rushed home for the Sierras baptism!  It was so perfect!  No problems with the font or the jumpsuits or who will play piano or anything.  And they felt like completely new people after. It’s so cool to see all of them members now!  There were so many people and missionaries there to support, that we couldn’t even fit.  We filled the whole room with chairs, and then a bunch standing in the back, and then more standing out in the hall!  And afterwards they had a rager: Bounce house, crazy music, a bunch of food, and a bunch of people. Definitely not a place for missionaries. So we just went in, said hi and bye to everyone, then left.

Sunday:  They got confirmed!  One big happy family!  And at night, we found Amairani again! Long story short, she has changed a bunch.  She says she has forgot a lot of what she has felt before, and doesn’t know if she is ready to come back.  But we know she is, so we committed her to pray about IF she should come back and investigate again.  So hopefully she will read in the Book of Mormon (she agreed to read one verse) and felt something.  We are going back on Tuesday to see how it all went.

So our week was super fun!  A lot more stuff happened too, but I kind of got lazy at the end because I have been writing this for a while now ;). It’s weeks like these that make me so happy to be a missionary.  Especially because when we first me the Sierras, their family had so many problems and they were hanging on by threads.  Now they are all baptized, have plans to get married in 4 months, and get to be sealed in the temple in a year!  Hope your week was just as good!

Love Elder Lund 

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