Monday, March 2, 2015

Shed Building and Cold Weather in Houston!

At a Guatemalan restaurant for our friend Milton's Birthday

Then new shed

Ripping the roof off the old shed

This week was freezing!  Houston has the weirdest weather.  38 one day and then 77 the next.  Or it can have that change just in a few hours.  One morning we had breakfast planned with a member and when we got there, we found out the other man in the branch was not coming, haha.  So we had to eat her eggs and tamales outside and it was like 35 degrees!  We froze!

The service project for the Campos is coming along. We put up three walls, a roof, and painted all of it.  All we have left is the front wall and door, and some shelves inside.  I’ll send a picture, but it was taken a couple days ago and we have done some more work since then.

Also, I will probably be starting a business in a few weeks… I will be an IBO for ACN energy.  I should be making 6 figures in a year or so. Hopefully with this, I won’t even have to pay for schooling or waste time going to school.  Haha, just kidding.  We talked to a man about the church for a while and then he invited us to come to a business presentation in his house.  He said that if we listened to him, he would listen to us.  And pretty much it was just a couple people trying to get us and a few others to become salesmen in this ACN company. Too bad I am a little busy right now, haha.  But I did get his card just in case ;)  Maybe when I get home I'll sign on and sell the deals to everyone in the ward that owns their own companies and houses, and then just retire on the revenue I get from that. It could be a nice cushion while I have my real job.  I think he just wants us to sell product so he also can make revenue on all of our customers. 

As far as our high hopes for our area…this week we found a super cool kid named Jessi.  He is the son of a referral we got.  When we knocked the door, he said we could find his dad another day and then was about to shut the door.  But I wasn't in the mood to go a whole day without teaching our own lesson (because right after that we had a couple meetings) so I just asked him if he knew who God is and from there we ended up teaching him the restoration in his doorway.  He is super cool!  And somehow he already believes that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ!  Righteous.  We have a lesson with him this week and we will probably just plan his baptism...

Elder Lund

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