Monday, March 23, 2015

Leaving Kemah!

Our faces every time we smell someone smoking weed, haha!

My ankle as of 2 days ago

Kemal house and all the new ties we got from one of the Sisters' parents
I am leaving Kemah... Dang it!  Kemah is the best.  This week was super different than the past few.  And I forgot to bring my journal so I don’t remember much... but I'll try.

So this week was spring break for all the schools here.  That means that we got a lot of youth out with us all day.  And because of some meetings and a temple trip, we did a bunch of exchanges too!  But we took out a bunch of priests and we ended up talking to the craziest people.  I think it freaked them out a little, haha.  We had one black guy come up to us and say, "You thought you were going to preach to me, but I am going to preach to you instead."  Then he went off on us, haha, and he had crutches but he kept getting on his knees in the middle of the road and praising.  And we had more than a few of those experiences, haha. But they did help us fellowship a lot of youth we were teaching, especially with Selena.

So we meet Selena like 2 weeks ago. We were walking through the neighborhood looking for something to do, and we decided to just pick a few houses and knock the doors.  Knocking random doors is so fun!  But Selena answered and we just started talking to her and teaching her. Turns out she has never been to church and the only religious knowledge she has is that the bible talks about God and Jesus died on a cross.  So we just taught her super basics, and she loved it!  Then we saw her again a few days ago and we committed her to read the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi when Christ comes.  And we know she is legit because she texted us 10 minutes later and told us that her niece pulled out the bookmark and she wanted to know what she needs to read.  And she told us that she is going to read and pray and when we go back tomorrow, she is just going to let us know if God told her to keep listening to us or not.  So now we just pray and leave it in God's hands...

And just barely, we had a district breakfast.  We always meet somewhere to listen to transfers calls together, and this time we planned to do it at the church and make breakfast too.  So we all helped bring stuff and we made eggs and pancakes.  And the weirdest thing is that none of the sisters here know how to cook so us Elders made it all.  But it was super fun!  And now we are doing our emails because we are going to NASA today as well.  I'll take a bunch of pictures.. .hopefully, haha.

Anyways, Have a good week! Next week I’ll be somewhere new!

Love Elder Lund

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