Monday, February 23, 2015

A Sick Service Project and a New Gay Investigator

So this week has been way colder than last!  Something about Houston and its weather, it can never make up its mind.  This winter has been super warm.  I haven’t worn a jacket in like a month.  But then the cold came back, and people say it should get even colder soon. Woo hoo! 

But a member this week gave us arroz con platano! (rice with banana).  I haven’t had it since the first few months here in Texas.  It is so good!  It’s super weird sounding… sliced banana in rice.  I would have never come up with that myself, but it’s high class! ;)  Super good! 

Then we did the sickest service project this week.  For my favorite members too, the Campo family from Columbia!  Haha it’s like a triangle: My favorite members in H4: The Diaz family from Columbia.  My favorite family from Kemah: The Campo family from Columbia too. My favorite family from Port: the Campos... from Mexico.  And from Texas City: the Ramirez family from Mexico!  It’s like they all have a relation to each other, Columbians to Campo to Mexicans.  Anyways, after I typed all of this and looking back its not that cool, haha, but I'll leave it.

Anyways, for the Campos we destroyed a tool shed/shack and started building another.  First, since I am the lightest here, I climbed on top and ripped off all the roof.  Then we had to take off the siding and unscrew all the beams.  It took like 4 hours!  But sooo much fun.  I miss working with my hands... and power tools ;)  And I threw a sledge hammer through a wall!  Good thing it didn’t hit anyone on the other side!  I forgot my camera so you can get a picture of the old shed next week, but I did forward a couple pictures of the crew.  From left to right its Elder Mota, Pedro, Elder Barlow, Hermano Campo, Elder Mcdonald, and ME!  And the whole time, I wore the back-protecting belt and a sombrero (not in the picture). And this week sometime, we should be building the new shed.  We already did the foundation and the floor.

Also this week, on the teaching side... Well on Sunday, we ended up without a car so we walked all day. #southamericanstyle  It was super fun and we talked to some crazies because we took a lot of shortcuts on the less traveled paths.  

Also, we have started teaching a gay guy.  He is super cool!  His name is Gilbert.  Anyways, it started because we oymed him and then got into helping him build some drawers he ordered. (he does not know how to do anything with building or tools...) And he always wants to pay us back but knows we don’t take money so he just gives us food every single time.  So far he has bought us some taco truck burritos, fancy pizza, and he just made us enchiladas and strawberry shortcake.  It’s been super tasty! :)  The only problem... he flirts with us a lot... It’s super weird.  And if we’re our normal super energetic selves, he thinks we are flirting too....  So we are going to have to be careful with him and quickly find out if he has any intent or otherwise it’s kinda weird sometimes.  But, he is a firm believer of only man and woman marriages so that’s a plus!  I have never met a gay person that doesn’t believe in gay marriage.

And besides that, our area needs some change.  Most the people we teach just aren’t going anywhere. Ana Chicas is kinda flickering out slowly.  We just need to see her almost everyday and she will grow her faith super fast.  So this week we are going to work a lot with our new or potential investigators and hopefully we should have some solid baptisms soon!

Love you all!

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