Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cleaning the Apartment and Valentines Day Party

Me and the chapines (Guatemalans)

Me with the Moreno family

Slack-lining with other Elders
So this week was crazy.  Everything always came together at the last minute!  Plus we had to go up to Sugarland twice this week, and with other events we didn’t work our areas much.  But in Sugarland, I did get to change a bunch of broken hubcaps on cars.  Super fun!

And I have been slack-lining every week for the last month or so.  And usually there are like 5 or 6 other missionaries doing it too.  Super chill.  I sent a picture.

We recently have gotten super clean at our apartment.  We realized that we are cluttery and it stinks... So we cleaned up, got rid of a lot, and bought some smell goods.  Wild berry powder to sprinkle on our carpet and then vacuum up (magical), and also "angel whispers" plug-ins.

Also this week we went and played football for my twin, elder Ve'e, yesterday. It was sick because when it got dark, the fog started rolling in and the ground was covered with about 3 feet of thick white fog!  Like Harry Potter or something.  I will get pictures of that next week. #safetyluna

Then on Saturday night, we had the branch Valentine’s Day party.  It was awesome!  I love Kemah Branch!  We had lasagna and salad and garlic bread (super weird for an all Hispanic branch, haha).  Then they were just blasting Spanish love songs the whole time.  I included some pictures: one of me and the Moreno family, and the other is with a bunch of missionaries and my chapines! (friends from Guatemala)  We are best friends with these boys.  Kemah is weird because we have like 8 recent converts age 20-21, but no women...  it’s a problem.

Also, this week was hard because we have had a lot of people not want to talk to us.  Ana Chicas ran away when we said the word baptism and then didn’t come to church.  It was super weird because we have the best relationship with her and her family.  So we will have to fix that this week. Then we had another solid potential come to the door, run away, and then send their son to tell us they are sleeping...  People these days...  But we are going to have a great week this week, and find some super solid people!

Love Elder Lund

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