Monday, February 9, 2015

A Lesson in Cooking and Offended Church Members

So this week, we have decided that we are going to work out super hard! We went to GNC and bought some protein…way too expensive there!  But then I asked him what he had for free, and he had chapstick and samples! We got some samples of creatine and cardio boosters, haha.  We are going to get huge!  And everyday, we go to our rich branch Mission Leader’s apartments and use his gym.  The only problem we have encountered is that his complex is full of young single people!  So some days we go and there are quite a few ripped girls in their 20s working out with us.  It was a distraction the first day, but now we just work out harder! They might think it is to impress them... but we know it’s because we need to focus.

Also this week, Elder Mota me tried to make caldo con pollo.  Like a soup with a chicken leg and vegetables.  Well, I think we put too much water in the pot because it spilled out and caught the stove on fire hahaha.  So while Mota was putting it out with a rag, I ran around and turned off all the smoke detectors so they would stop going off.  And we would keep putting it out, but it would keep coming back, like 6 times! It was crazy!  A real character building experience for the both of us.

And I am starting to get really sick of Hispanics and their pride.  We had another member try to go less active this week.  Her ex son-in-law and his mom come to the same church as us, and they don’t treat the kids very well.  Not in a bad way, but just not the way our member wants it done. Well she decided that she cannot forgive them and will not allow herself to take the Sacrament in the same room... People these days!  And this kind of stuff happens all the time.  Well we were able to talk her out of it and get her to church, but because of this she is going to be really fragile. I’m sick of people skipping on church because of others.  If only everyone could realize that we go to church for ourselves, and it’s not as much of a social event.  So we are working with our branch on this and trying to get them to be more humble and stop blaming other people.

But on a good note. Josue got baptized!  So let me tell you that he is technically not our investigator.  He is from the sisters.  But we helped out a lot in his process, so we like to think it was a group effort too.  And the sisters told us we should think that too, not just our pride taking over ;)  But he took a lot of work, and he has fallen over and over again, but now he has desire to change and be the best he can.  He actually came out with us all day on Wednesday to teach a bunch of people.  And he has a super strong testimony of the Word of Wisdom now!  I included pictures of his baptism.

And Ana Chicas update!  We taught her a lot this week and they love us! Like how I used to be with the Sierras a lot, (btws they still all go to church, and the boys pass the Sacrament every Sunday, and Gisselle is going to BYU in the spring, but the parents still aren’t married...) well now we go to their house.  Yesterday, we went over at 8 and brought eggs and chorizo and pancake mix.  And we all made breakfast together!  Elder Mota and Emily (7) made the pancakes, Ana and Alexis (10) made the eggs and chorizo, and me and the grandma Maria made the hot chocolate and set the table.  It was so fun!  So we got them all woken up and fed that morning and they were set on coming to church, but ten minutes before she texted us and said she had to run errands for the kids and school... It was super frustrating!  I don’t know if she understands the importance of the church yet, and just likes us coming over and leaving messages and being their friends... But we are working on it.

Till next time,
Elder Lund

 PS Alexis is super shy but loves Legos!  We were thinking of how we could get him more open and I need you to send me my birthday present early. Like this week. I want a Lego! A decent sized one.  Not one that takes years to build, but one that will take more than 10/15 minutes. I think if I bring it over and ask for his help to build it, he will help me and open up more to us.  He loves Minecraft or anything from the Lego movie!  But he already has the garbage truck one so don’t buy that one.  But you all can go for fhe and pick one out!  Your’e the best!

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