Monday, February 2, 2015

Helping the Gomez Family & Getting Massages from Dr. B's Office!

So this week started out with a district picnic!  After our meeting, it was a super nice warm day, so we set up a table and chairs outside and me and Elder Mota made Al Hambre for the whole district.  It is pretty much strips of steak with bacon, bell peppers, onions, and a little bit of cheese on top, but it is super good!  And Elder Mota made some homemade salsa to go with it.  But it was super fun!  We did it because it was the end of the month so none of us had money to go out to eat.  So instead everyone just brought a few ingredients and we put it all together.

Also this week, we went to Dr. B.  He is in the Mission Presidency here and he owns a chiropractic/body works office, so he lets all the missionaries go 3 times for free.  It was so nice!  And it was really good for my back, which is still destroyed.  But he took me in and put the electrodes on my back and it was so nice I fell asleep.  Then this girl came in and gave me a massage and it was super weird to have a girl massage my back while a missionary...but it was amazing! Then Dr. B. came in and cracked my back, the only thing he said after was "Wow, you really needed that!" haha.  And finally, I got to go lay on a massage bed for about 15 minutes.  It was all so relaxing that me and Elder Mota were super tired for the rest of the day!

And on Thursday we had a service day.  First we helped the Gomez family (members of our branch) move.  It was really fun and they fed us breakfast and lunch!  Then we went and helped a family that the sisters just found named the Kilgers.  They recently had a big fire burn the interior of their house, which is super sad.  And everything that wasn’t burned was covered with soot and bad chemicals so they couldn’t keep anything except for a few small boxes of stuff.  But we went by and helped them take pictures of everything so that the insurance can pay for all new stuff. But their house looked so cool inside!  Everytihng was all melted, the paint was dripping, broken glass everywhere, half burned stuff, all covered in dark ash, chandeliers hanging on by just a few wires.... It looked like a scary movie!  It was pretty sweet.  So now they have to go online and find the prices of everything they had and then go out and re-buy it all.  And the insurance is going to build them a whole new house!  So it was really bad but it will end up really nice in about 10 months.

But on the spiritual side, Ana Chicas came to church!  It took a lot of work but we made it happen.  So we taught her with Hermana Campo this week and talked all about church and what we do and how it will help her family grow up in a good environment.  Hermana Campo is the best.  Then we went and knocked on Ana’s door for like 20 min to wake her up and convinced her that she had to come to at least Sacrament.  But she came and she enjoyed it! ...kinda.  She doesn’t like that it is 45 minutes from her house…and it was testimony meeting… and the first couple were super long and boring!  But then some kids got up and she really liked that.

We are teaching a gay guy now.  His name is Gilbert.  He is super catholic but wants to know all about us.  The only hard part is he doesn’t like us asking questions... but he is super cool!   And he bought us huge burritos because he was mad that he couldn’t take us out to eat on the first day we met him.  And he is super chill and really understands what we do.  He works heavily with the catholic seminary and all the people there that leave their families to teach the gospel, so he respects us a lot.  He reminds me kind of like a Spanish version of the red headed gay guy on modern family. So he isn’t super flaming.  And he doesn’t believe in gay marriage.  He believes marriage is only between a man and woman.  Super cool!  And he was stoked to read the Book of Mormon.  So we will she how it goes this week!


Elder Lund

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