Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Only in Port Lavaca does a palm tree grow from the sewer!

My feet on the sea wall right before meeting Otis

We only have one investigator right now but we think he got “Anti-ed” by his family.  We will not know until Wednesday when we see him next. The hardest part about this area is that because it is so small town, everyone goes inside at dark and won’t answer their door.  And this is a big problem because it gets dark at 6... But we just bike everyday all day and talk to everyone so we should build our teaching pool and get a few people soon. We are also just focusing on being exactly obedient and showing God that we are more "anxiously engaged" in the work.  Hey, question: Does Lupe still clean our house? I was just thinking about her this morning, haha.  I miss her and her accent!

This week I have decided that I am addicted to blueberry waffles.  Not just normal ones, but if you get the Jiffy brand muffin mix and then follow the directions on the side to make waffles.  Then I just eat them plain and they are soooo good just to snack on.  Plus the box only costs 58 cents!  And one of the old missionary couples who checks our apartments used to be a humanitarian dentist and travel all over the world doing little dentist clinics. He has been to like twenty countries so far.  Sooo rad!!  The whole time they were in our apartment, I was just talking to him about it and just thinking how I am going to do that, without being a dentist, haha.  I haven't figured it out yet though!! 

Oh hey! I don't know if you guys have heard of the churches new campaign, “He Is the Gift”, probably not.  But... the website opens up on November 28 and it is and then on December 7 you all have to go on Youtube and watch the video!  On that day, the church will be the only advertiser on Youtube's homepage. Takeover!  It should be sweet!

So the highlight this week was the branch Thanksgiving party.  It turned out really good and a lot of people came, especially less actives.  We had some families that haven’t been to church in months and even a few that haven’t been to church in years.  Plus we had two investigators.  Mr. Floyd and a new guy, Otis!  We found Otis while we were super tired so we stopped to sit by the ocean and make phone calls.  Well, when we decided to leave, we talked to him while he was on his porch.  Turns out he just got out of jail, just accepted Jesus as his Savior, and already knows our church is true because we are men of God.  So this week we taught him the restoration and read the Book of Mormon with him.  He loves the Book of Mormon because it is a history of the Native Americans and he is part Native.  And then he came to the party and loved it. But we went to pick him up for church on Sunday and he said that he had stuff/issues to take care of so he could not come.  But he is super cool and accepted a baptismal date for December 13!  Its super soon but I think he can be ready for it.  The only thing is he does smoke so we need to take care of that.

Then after the party, we had the craziest storm I have ever seen!  It dumped!  So much rain!  Also the sky was literally just a giant strobe with how much lightning there was. The thunder was so much that it would shake our apartment a couple times! But we did hit some schweet puddles in our jeep on the way back, haha!

Twas pretty cool.  Happy Thanksgiving!!  Thanks for all that you do for me and the work!

Elder Lund

P.S. I learned how to give someone a homemade tattoo this week.  Like legit!  Its ok, mine is covered up!

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