Monday, November 17, 2014

Mr. Floyds BBQ and Brussel Sprouts

Working in the kitchen

At the Temple

Mr. Floyd's BBQ

Well, I set my release date for August 26 so I am pretty much locked in now for fall!

So this week it has been colder than the Cold War Kids put together. One morning it was 30 degrees!  Freezing!  But I think all my stuff from last year should work just fine to keep me warm.  The weather is especially fine because we bike everyday in it, haha. 

So last Monday, we had Mr. Floyds BBQ. We bought the brisket and a couple other things, and he cooked it all and brought it to the church, along with some potato salad, peach cobbler, and a lemon glaze cake.  It was so good!  We invited the elders from Victoria, and they brought a member, and we also invited Hailey and her whole family to come.  It turned out really good and everyone loved it.  I will add a few pictures.  Also, we helped Floyd a few days ago by cleaning his church.  It was super cool!  He goes to a little church that has 7 members. We got to wipe it all down and he talked the whole time about the church and each part and his history.

But this week we finally noticed that we don’t have many solid investigators right now. Everyone is pretty much just stuck in one place with just a few things they haven’t done and wont.  So we might have to go around this week and be super serious with people and go over our purpose as missionaries and what they have to do as well.  And what makes it hard, is every time we invite a member to come out with us, we make sure to set up appointments and check up on them, but then we get there and no one is home or they will not open the door!  So it gets kinda frustrating sometimes, even though it’s a normal part of missionary work.  

But I did read Spencer W Kimball’s talk this morning entitled "When the world will be converted."  He talks a lot about the missionary work moving forward and progressing to get it to the whole world.  Pretty much just a missionary pep talk, so I am going to convert the world now! This is one of the reasons why we are going to bike all day now, to talk with everyone. So hopefully a lot of people will be outside!

Some other cool things: I tried brussel sprouts for the first time this week. They weren’t weird at all like everyone says.  But I don’t think I could eat them all day or anything.  The only weird part, was that I thought it would be leafy, like how it looks.  But pretty much it was just mushy.  Also we went to a super cool restaurant called Rosebud in Victoria.  It is in an old store in downtown.  The walls are cement with faded and peeling wallpaper.  And also there are a bunch of old signs along the walls.  It was pretty much an old diner, put in an old hardware store or something. And also I had a taste of home this week.  We went to a store in Port Lavaca that reminded me exactly of Tuvalu.  Supposedly, some girl goes to Bali every year, and she is from Southern California, so it was all beach cottage and island themed.  It was super cool.  It reminded me of grandma Vicky's house.

Elder Lund

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