Monday, November 3, 2014

Teaching All Types in All Kinds of Situations

This is me in my ebola mask 
This is how I get crumbs off the stove 
This week I decided that cars and missionary work should never mix.  So we have biked every day of October because we had zero extra miles from all of our conferences. Well, November 1 we used the car all day.  We pretty much talked to nobody and then didn’t teach as many lessons as well.  Pretty much somebody wants us to bike everyday.

Last night, we went to teach Hailey and her step dad was watching the new episode of Walking Dead.  Lets just say I was dying the whole time!  Walking Dead is just too good and I have heard nothing about it since my mission started, and then just having it in the background was rough.  But I endured to the end and now I can say "I have fought the good fight" (2 Timothy 4).  But this week we did get to do some family history work at the library with Hailey.  It was super cool, and she is super into it now.  She even went to her grandmas and got her grandma to bring out a bunch of old pictures and journals of her great grandparents.  Super rad!  And I just found out that members can go on for free.  I’m so stoked!

And this week, in district meeting, I talked a lot about having faith and then talking to everyone to find prepared people. Well after the meeting, we were riding our bikes by the High School and some kid called us out and told us to go talk to him.  All he wanted us to do was verify a few scriptures that he had written on the ground, haha, but then we sat with him and taught him and ended up getting his number so we can call him and set something up.  But it was so cool that someone actually called us out to talk to them!  Hopefully we can call him today and go teach him again outside the school.

Then we decided to take a shortcut that goes right next to the only Mexican store here, Chavanas. Well sitting outside under a big tree we found and talked to a guy named Emilio.  We taught him about the plan of salvation and gave him a pamphlet to read.  We also found out that his ankle is broken and he uses the leg scooters things to get around, but it’s really hard for him so he just sits outside of Chavanas all day.  So pretty much we will start to teach him outside the store every time just on the ground.  Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me!  We will probably just baptize him and then find out he is homeless or something. Whatever. Hobos need salvation too.

Finally, we had some sweet once in a mission stuff happen this week.  I had a less active give me an eggnog flavored Popsicle.  It was pretty good actually.  But then I spilled it on the seat in the car.... whoops!  But for sure, the quote of the week was from a lady in the nursing home, sister Carter, "This fellow on the motorcycle just tickles the fire right out of me."  What makes it even funnier is she said that after she watched a show on the BYU channel, but she never has the sound on so she just reads lips, haha.  Just imagine an 80-year-old lady watching silent television and laughing after she reads lips, haha.

Just some food for thought, 

Elder Lund

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