Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Times at the Mission Temple Conference

Our humble abode

The Last Supper picture we received

So this week was one of those weeks when you feel like you have been super busy all the time, and then you look back and didn’t really do or accomplish much.  Actually, we got to do a lot of things for people; just we could have done a little more.  But the highlight of the week was that we had another temple conference as a mission.  They are the best!  Our whole zone got to spend the night in Sugarland at the Morton's home.  That house was huge... and it had a secret office on top that you could get to by a back stairway or through a closet like Narnia.  Then the next morning we left around 5:30.  We did an endowment session with all missionaries, and then went into the training room and were taught by President and Sister Ashton (Mission Pres), and President and Sister Crane (Temple Pres).  It was so sweet!  We talked all about how we can find symbolism of Jesus Christ in everything and how the Atonement applies to all of it.  We also talked about our identity as missionaries, as members, as children of God... I definitely was more prepared for this one than last time.

Also this week we were able to see Baltazar and Darlene, both of which we have not seen in a couple weeks.  Baltazar still loves us and the church.  We gave him some Book of Mormon CDs so he can listen to them on the way to work.  He wants to get baptized, but he still needs to come to church and get married.  We are helping him get his car registered and his license and then he can come and he is willing to drive anyone that needs a ride.  As far as marriage, his plan was to get engaged by the end of this year and married in a few when he has enough money.  But we told him he is going to have to bump that wedding up if he wants to be baptized soon. So he is going to pray about it.  

And with Darlene, she has slipped and smoked and drank coffee.  It is super hard to help her with them, because we cannot see her that often, and I don’t know how much she wants to quit herself.  Like she wants to quit and knows she needs to because smoking makes her sick.  But every time it gets hard to stay away, she just goes right back to it.  It’s like the only way to help would be to be by her side all day long.  But we text her every morning and call her most nights, so she will eventually stop because she wants to be baptized, kinda.

And some cool stuff this week, a less active family gave me a picture of the last supper.  It makes our apartment so homey now.  Also, at the nursing home we met a guy who was in the marines during the Vietnam war.  He was a POW for 14 months. Then when he got home, secret service picked him up and he got to work with President Ford.  Haha, he told us all about Area 51 and everything about it is true.  I don’t know how much I can tell you because he said he would have to kill me if this info got out.  It was pretty crazy.  And the coolest part... he has a driver’s license that never expires!  It will last forever and he can go as fast and drive as crazy as he wants and never get any ticket or fine. I need one of those...

P.S. Everyone says this winter will be the coldest they have had in a long time and it will probably snow! Talk about righteous living!  Let’s hope my sweater and little jacket hold out, especially while we are biking it! YEW!

Elder Lund

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