Monday, December 1, 2014

More Thanksgiving & The Jehovah's Witness Church

Around town in Port Lavaca

Around town in Port Lavaca

Cool peacock at a member's house

I don’t need anything for Christmas, I have it all!  Just put any money in my account and I can use it for someone here, or just save it till after my mission.

The best part about this week, we went to a Jehovah’s Witness church!  It’s been my dream my whole mission to go to one.  But let me tell ya, they are way nicer than Mormons, especially the ones here.  (The branch here offended our only two investigators that we brought to Thanksgiving dinner...)  But everyone was super nice and all welcomed us to sit with them and they showed us how the program worked and everything.  But pretty much, their church is very much like ours: No one gets paid, the members give the talks and lessons, same standards mostly, same ideas....  Except they are just a little off in some ways and those ways make a huge difference, haha.  But I did get a free Bible!  It’s super different, maybe because they have changed the whole thing to the point that it can’t be called a bible anymore. 

Oh my, I am so fat. The day before Thanksgiving, me and another Elder were on exchanges that day and we ate 3 whole pies... A small pumpkin pie for breakfast, (but with a tangerine so it cancels it all out), then after lunch we ate an apple pie by ourselves, and finally after we got home, we punished a Costco size pumpkin pie and an entire bottle of whipped cream!  I don’t know where it all went because I still haven’t gained any weight on my mission. It’s probably a tapeworm or something. 

And then on Thanksgiving, we first went and helped serve community lunches and then ate at the big Catholic Church here.  The food was super good too.  But it was so fun to serve lunch to all the people who can’t afford to have thanksgiving dinner.

Then later that night we had a big dinner with the Escobedo family.  There were a lot of people there!  But it was super fun and they had everyone from grandpas and grandmas down to little kids running all over.  And then we tried to visit people and we kept getting shut down for interrupting family time.  I guess they don’t understand that we want to teach them when they are all together... whatever.

And we met a new couple named Jose and Ashley!  Super cool!  He works on a tug boat and has a lot of cool stories, plus he is a chef and made us some super good burgers.  She works at Wal-Mart so we have a new friend there.  And then they have two little boys as well.  And while we were there, he taught me how to play the Cajon(?)  It is one of those box instruments you sit on and then it has a base drum and a snare inside it.  I don’t know if you remember Katherine McPhee on American Idol singing Black Horse in the Cherry Tree?  Well that is the only time I have seen people play it, but I definitely will get one some day!  Sorry for the absurd reference, haha.

Elder lund

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