Monday, December 8, 2014

Zone Conference & Christmas Lights

We will have a lot of fun playing Santa this year!  And yes, we have to work a lot on our teaching pool.  But we have some good ideas to do.

This week was a lot different than normal.  We tried really hard to teach and find new investigators and work towards seeing immediate progress towards baptism.  Well the Lord had a completely different plan for us.  We taught very few investigators and didn’t get to talk to many new people.  But we did visit a lot of less actives as well as active members.  So pretty much I am just going to go quickly through the main things we did in the order that it happened.

First off, the first part of the week was super cold!  Like mid to high 30's. Then, by the end of the week, mid 70's. Well the warm weather brought back the mosquitoes... Not very fun, haha.

Also I was able to go on exchange to Victoria and serve in Christ's Kitchen. It was so fun and rewarding!  I love being able to go and all I can do is serve and smile and invite.  Just like Holland's talk "Are We Not All Beggars."  Super cool.

Also that day we gave some marriage counseling to an RM.  Man, he had a lot going on!  And I have never been married and have never thought about it so I don’t know why I would be the one to give advice about it!  I find myself doing that a lot because I pretty much have never experienced the things that people in SouthTexas have!  Even though I haven’t done or thought or heard of these things, we are called upon to give out counsel. It’s pretty fun, haha but a lot of the time a little stressful.

Then we went to Zone Conference.  Well, since we are 2:30 hours away and it starts at 7am always, we try to find somewhere to stay every time. Well, this time we got the opportunity to stay with the Morton's. We had about 10 of us from our zone there. When we got there, she gave us a bunch of ice cream and fruit and then I noticed she had a lot of piles of Christmas decorations.  Well, with some careful manipulating, I talked her into letting me help her set up a little.  It ended up that all of us set up her little trees around the house.  It was so fun!  

And then in Zone Conference, my favorite part was from Sister Ashton. She talked about choice, chosing to believe and to have faith, choosing to accept challenges, choosing to be happy and obedient, choosing to be content.  It was really neat and I learned a lot about how I can choose to be exactly what I want to be.

Then in the rest of the week, we went to a member’s and helped them to hang their Christmas lights.  I got to crawl around on their roof the whole time, so that was sweet.  Then he took us to the back and we picked fresh kale and gave it to our investigators, especially the ones who are health enthusiasts.  We also helped a less active chop down a tree with a machete.  I just went all Rambo on it!  And then when I didn’t have the machete, I would just jump and hang on to a branch and when it was bent, he would just slice through it, so rad!

And then yesterday, an investigator, Carlos, asked us to help him take out his water heater.  Well, I forgot that it was the Sabbath... Anyways, I just went beast mode on it and threw it out, but in the process, I sliced three of my fingers and my thumb.  I think its because I worked on the Sabbath. And it’s ok because my pinky was untouched!  And we taped it up with her corsage tape so that I could bike home. It didn’t start dripping till I got on our street: tender mercies!  And then Elder Roskelley, in an unprecedented surgery not known to mankind, poured about half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide on it, covered it in gauze, and then masking taped it all. It was amazing, haha

Well... I love you guys! Sorry no pics this week.

Elder Lund

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