Monday, September 29, 2014

Tons of Mosquitos & Gnats!!

Me and my hump day pride
I'm still hipster
So in Port we have a nursing home and we usually go there once a week to see a couple members and others that want to learn about Christ.  This week was super rad!  We saw a member named Frank.  He has a big burly beard and a crazy eye, but he hasn’t lost his mind yet. We were able to talk to him for a long time about his stories of fixing old cars and learning how to be a mechanic and stuff.  One time, his apartment complex got mad at him for fixing up cars outside, so he disassembled his 1932 ford roadster and then reassembled it inside his living room so he could play with it there!  Haha, just imagine going to someone’s house and there is a full-size car in their front room.  But he convinced me to take some night courses on mechanic stuff when I get home so I too can play around with cars.  I think it would be super cool to one-day drive around in a car that I built by myself.

We also saw a lady named Sis Carter.  She is just super funny and super bored so she dresses up everyday in her old fancy clothes and hats and jewelry.  We usually just talk to her about how she is disappointed in her kids for not doing what she wants and we usually end up laughing the whole time at her old sense of humor.  But also this week, we met a girl named Mabel.  We were walking down the hall and she called us to come inside.  So we did and she said that she had seen a program about Joseph Smith on TV and believes he is a true prophet and wants to learn more.  It was super cool.  So we taught her and gave her a Book of Mormon and she is excited to read it.  But I’m not exactly sure how sane she is so we shall see this week.

And the mosquitoes here keep growing.  I counted today and on my arms from the elbow down I have 73 bites!  But I think I’ve gotten used to them because they don’t itch much.  But there were an insane number of gnats last night. We were biking around and you could just feel them hit you and go in your nose and your ears and eyes.  It was crazy!  Then we would stop at a house and our white shirts were speckled because of the 40 or so dead gnats on us.  I woke up this morning and I went to wipe my eye boogers and instead of just that, I found 2 more gnats in the corner of my eye.  It was super weird...

And this week we have started working a lot with a less-active named Jesse. Over the last little bit we helped him find a job and be more stable to support his family and his house that is only 3/4 built.  We are trying to get him to come to church and have the goal to go to the temple because he really likes the idea of helping the dead.  The only problem is he comes to church only when he is not high, which is like once a transfer.  But last time we talked to him he told us all about how he invites everyone like crazy to come to church and to Christ. He has invited in the past week like 2 gas station attendants, an old lady on the street, someone at the store, and a friend who came by while we were teaching him.  He would be the greatest missionary!  We just need to convince him that he shouldn’t invite people to come to church when he doesn’t even go himself.

Love, Elder Lund

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