Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tiny Towns, Rock Music, and Solid Investigators!

Me and my bike, Atalaya, in front of the ocean kinda
Me and a Virgin Mary shrine
Me and Elder Steed
This week we did a lot of stuff. First, that brisket that we got, well Mr. Floyd cooked it up and we got it Saturday and it is so good!  Elder Steed and I eat it for one meal everyday. It was worth it to get brisket one time but it was just too pricey to keep doing it. 

During our planning, we decided that we are going to change up this area.  It took a lot of faith but we dropped everyone that hasn’t really been progressing, which ended up being almost everyone we teach.  They were just all people that the last missionaries had been working with for a long time.  But with our super strong faith, and all the biking we have been doing, we have found a bunch of new people and hopefully can help them to start progressing.

And with Haley, she is so solid!  We gave her a children’s Book of Mormon and she is like halfway through already.  And she even reads some of it out loud to her mom.  So she loves the Book of Mormon, she loves having us over, and she is friends with a couple Mormon people already.  This week she accepted a date to be baptized on the 13th.  And we taught her mom last night for the first time. Turns out she knows nothing about God or Jesus or anything gospel related.  It’s super fun to teach her because everything is just super simple, almost like teaching sunbeams or something.  But she really wants to get baptized because she has never been baptized before and she knows it is something everyone needs to do.

Then we saw Darlene this week and found out that God is playing a big role in her conversion.  She used to drink coffee everyday and smoke cigarettes almost everyday.  Well she doesn’t know what happened but now she will make coffee or light a cigarette and after the first try she will feel sick to her stomach. She says she can "taste the poison in it."  That’s super cool!  We are still working with her to gain a solid testimony that this is the one true church.

Other things that happened this week: Elder steed turned 20!  We had some super good shrimp cocktail with some members (shrimp right? who would have thought?), I’m a district leader again, we helped the Campos rip out their rotten floor of their trailer and put in a new one, and we went to Seadrift.  

So, we thought Port Lavaca was a small town…well Seadrift is a whole different story. It’s a super tiny little fishing town.  Like they have a grocery store, an Ace hardware, and about a square mile of houses, and that’s it.  It was super weird. And the whole town smells like fish.  Eww!!  It’s just as bad as outside our house. We live next to the ouster factory so its just pumping out dead fish smell all day, haha.  But the smell never gets inside so its ok.

But that’s my week; hope yours was just as good!
Elder Lund

PS. our neighbor is a heavy metal drummer so he just shreds on his drums all day long.  It’s pretty fun to do studies but usually I can just drown it out because no one likes heavy metal much.  But this week his music taste has gone through the roof!  He started with 70s and 80s rock-like AC/DC to Journey and back. Then now he has moved on to Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. That makes studies hard to do. I just find myself tapping my foot to the song while I’m reading. It’s rough.

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