Monday, September 15, 2014

My Tractor Bucket List Item Finally Happens!

Me and some meat

Our ghetto car

A Comp Selfie

Good ole Port Lavaca

Our chicken and cous cous dinner

Well the news of the week is that Haley did not get baptized. I don’t think it was her time. We tried to rush it all in a week, but it was too soon. We did teach her every day this week and she believes in everything.  She has a testimony and she also passed her interview so she is ready, but she did not come to church. She has been to church 3 times, but not since we have been teaching her. We probably want her to come to church again to show that she is fully committed before she gets baptized.  We are going to continue seeing her a lot and help her to come to church and mutual this week.

We had the craziest day this week, probably one of the craziest of my whole mission. So we decided to go to Palacios (which is like 35 miles away so we do it about once a week).  Well we drove the whole thing with the passenger window down.  Last week Elder Steed rolled down the window and it didn’t roll up so it was down for about 5 days.  And during the drive, it started to rain.  And this wasn't no ordinary shower!  I’ve never seen it rain so hard!  While driving, I couldn’t see the road for about 13 and a half seconds. It was super scary.  And during the storm, Elder steed held up a towel to the open window to try and keep the rain out.  It worked a little.  

Well, we got there and went straight to the Jordans. They are an older couple in our branch. So we got there and ate some food (she cooks super good!  Like picture perfect grandma cooking). Then we went to help Brother Jordan mow his huge yard.  So elder steed jumped on the riding lawn mower and started eating up the grass.  Then brother Jordan goes... "Who wants to drive the tractor?"  Umm… I do! Ever since I’ve been in Texas it’s been my dream to drive a tractor! So I got in his huge blue tractor and then I found out it has a clutch so that was pretty fun, haha.  But I drove it around the yard and used the bucket to pick up the grass, talk about a dream come true!  But then it started raining again so we had to put it all away, and I didn’t have time to get a picture. And then later that night we found out it’s against the rules to use machinery and vehicles like riding lawn mowers or tractors...

But after the Jordans we went to Baltazars and helped him fix a flat tire. Well I broke his tire iron in the process but then we just used ours.  Afterwards we drove all around town looking for a new tire and got it put back on.  Then he said he wanted to take us for a ride in his turquoise Ford mini van.  He ended up taking us all around the city, but its ok because we taught him the plan of salvation in the car. 

Then we left Palacios so we could get back for Haley's interview…but she didn’t show up.  So we had to race around until we found her.  But we did and got her a ride to the interview.  Well the interview was like an hour long... It was a nail bitter just waiting outside, but we were able to talk to President Centeno's (the mission 1st counselor) son.  He is usually closed off, but he was super cool.  We talked all about how he plays a million instruments and he wants to develop robots for the military.  It was a cool conversation. Then she got out off the interview and passed!  So we all celebrated by eating choco tacos. It’s super weird, no one has heard of them here, but Elder Lund is changing things up.  

Then Haley’s mom wasn’t there and she doesn’t have a phone, so we started to walk from the church to her house.  It’s probably like 6 miles.  Well we got halfway and out of nowhere, Mr. Floyd shows up! (He’s the crazy old guy who made us brisket).  Well he creeped out Haley I think, but he did give us a ride to her house and then home.   He is super cool.

But pretty much those three things took up our whole day, and just in person it was quite a day. Trust me, I lived it.  Anyways, besides that we just did missionary stuff and I’ve been telling you about that for a while now so...that’s all for now folks!

Elder Lund

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