Monday, September 22, 2014

Hailey Gets Baptized!

At Hailey's Baptism
Brother Jordan in his party shirt
Mustache fun
Port Lavaca
Hello horse
So this week Hailey was baptized!  It was super cool!  We had it at 3:30pm on a Wednesday, haha, but she wanted it right after school.  And her mom came too and said she felt the spirit. Plus Hailey said she felt really good after and as well as when she got the Holy Ghost yesterday.

Here on the mish, you always get to the church early to set up and fill the font. Well I’m pretty sure that no matter how early you arrive, you will be busy doing things up until it actually starts.  Like we got there 3 hours early because we thought the font took 3 hours to fill, but nope, it only takes 30 min.  But we also set up the chairs and made brownies and found a video to play and other stuff.  It seemed like right as we finished preparing, something would go wrong and we would spend more time at the church.  But it all worked out great.  And afterwards, we had brownies and everyone kept asking why they ended up so perfectly chewy and good.  To be honest I have no idea. We made them in the church’s ancient oven and then forgot to set a timer so we just took them out when we could smell them.  But somehow in all of that they turned out delicious. Also this week we finished the Book Of Mormon with her, well the kids one that is.  She loved it!

We also have kept working with Dominique.  It gets frustrating sometimes because she knows its all true but she also thinks the Catholic church is true, which makes no sense because they are so different.  We think she doesn’t want to leave the Catholic church because she has been going to it all her life and has been working towards her confirmation for 8 or so years and now she is about to get it. I don’t know.  But she said that if she could feel the spirit more at church, it would help her progress towards baptism.  So we fasted with her for a day to be able to do so. Which was really cool because she actually sacrificed and went the whole day without food or water when everyone was offering it to her.  But then she didn’t come to church and it’s pretty hard to feel the spirit at church if you don’t go… so... But we are working with her slowly.

Elder Lund

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