Monday, October 6, 2014

A Great Conference Experience!

Our mustache unity
Remember how I told you all about Jesse?  Well this week started off with him asking for a blessing of health.  He asked me to do it and in the blessing I was prompted to tell him that the Lord needs him as a worthy priesthood holder right now, and some other stuff.  Well afterwards he was crying, and long story short, I asked him what he has to do to be worthy?  He told us of how he had to quit smoking weed and come back to church.  So we set some plans to do that.  Well the next day he had to go to the hospital.  When we went to see him, he said he is having kidney problems so not only will he give up smoking to be better spiritually, but also physically.  Then Sunday morning we went and got him for conference. Well let me tell you, he had to be there!  First he sat down and just listening to the music and feeling the spirit really affected him. I think I saw him go through the whole repentance process right there next to me! 

Then after some counseling and talking things through, Conference started. During Eyrings talk, he leaned over to me and said "I think I want to get the Melchizedek Priesthood now."  Let me tell you, it was magical to hear him say that!  Then after conference, he was telling everyone about how he has changed and wants to get the priesthood and go to the temple and get his patriarchal blessing.  Super rad!  And afterwards he told us about how he used to be chained down by his drugs, but now he feels like he has been set free.  And you can tell!  He used to be all depressed and now he is always happy and smiling.  Man, I love being a missionary!

O.K. General Conference... they crushed it this year!  Well I thought Uchtdorf looked a little sad the first session but he came back strong.  Anyways, the MVP award goes to President Eyring.  He just shredded it!  Elder Holland’s talk about the poor was super good too.  Dad will you send me a Gen Con magazine when they come out?  So I can mark it up and stuff.

This week we got to see Meet the Mormons. It was so good!  The beginning is super funny and then all of the peoples stories make Mormons look like the coolest people in the world! (Especially the coach and the fighter and the humanitarian).

I also got to go on an exchange up to the city of Victoria. It’s like the big city around here but it’s about the size of Aliso Viejo, or smaller.  But when I was there we got to work in Christ's Kitchen, which feeds the homeless everyday.  I think its super funny that there the missionaries’ job is to serve the ice tea, haha. But it was super fun to be able to talk to a bunch of impoverished and homeless people and to hear their stories.

Then that night we went to a Pentecostal church.  It was pretty sweet.  We went because an investigator invited us.  Well we got there and his brother and sister were just jamming out, she on the keyboard and singing the alabanzas and him on the drums.  It was nutty for sure!  And lucky us, they had the alabanza lyrics on the screen so we could sing and praise along.  Then afterwards, the investigator's little brother who is 18 gave a super good sermon on love.  Then after some more alabanza-ing (praising), it ended and we got to talk to the investigator and his brothers and sister for half an hour about different things in our church vs. theirs.  It was good in that we didn’t argue over anything, which usually happens when talking to Pentecostals.  Plus, at the beginning, the pastor said to give us a welcome and everybody in the whole congregation came and shook our hands.  It made me feel special for sure!

Elder Lund

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