Monday, October 20, 2014

One of the Best Weeks in a Long Time!

So this week was kinda weird.  During each day, we would talk to a lot of people
and say a lot of prayers with them, but not really teach many lessons.  But then somehow by the end of the week, adding up everything, we had one of the best weeks we have had in a long time!  It’s funny how things just always seem to work out somehow.  I think we did pretty well because all we do is ride our bikes. We had to drive to Houston a couple times at the beginning of the month and just destroyed our miles and so now we just bike everywhere. 

Darlene did not come to church this week, because I guess she is sick or something.  So we don’t know how she is doing without coffee or cigarettes, but hopefully we can see her tomorrow.  

And with Kristen, we have hit a little wall. We taught her the law of chastity and found out the real reason why she is not married to her boyfriend (who she lives with). They are really poor and they are not married so they both can get "single parent with kids" benefits.  And because of this she doesn’t have any plans of getting married or baptized in the near future.  So we are going to work with her about the blessings that we receive from living the commandments.  We taught her tithing, and she completely agreed that you pay your tithing first even if you are poor, so we will have to relate it to chastity.  Hopefully we can just keep building her faith and she will make the decision by herself.

Last night we went to Sixto Samayoa’s house in the country for dinner.  He is just crazy rich so he has the sweetest house.  Well, the house is like an average bigger house, nothing too fancy.  But he lives on a bunch of land!  Right behind his house, he has his "Gardens of Eden", well that’s what I call them.  It’s just a bunch of fruit trees right next to each other, so its like a jungle.  Then off to one side, he has a big pen full of chickens, guinea fowl, and peacocks.  Then on the other side he has a little grove of trees and in them, he has like 5 mini horses (so cool!!).  And behind all of this, he has 10 acres of uncharted land where they drive their 2 International Scouts and go exploring and off-roading.  Then throughout the whole place, he has multiple tractors and other old cars and boats he "works on."  Plus he has 4 wolf dogs, a german shepard, and a couple pitbull/bull dogs that roam around the property.  While we waited for them to finish dinner, we just roamed his jardines (gardens).  It was so nice!  But I didn’t get any pics because I didn’t have my camera.

Oh well, pretty good week if you ask me

Elder Lund

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