Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One Night on Queen Mattress was Heavenly!

So this week, Elder Steed got transferred.  He is up in my last zone in Sugarland area.  My new comp is named Elder Roskelley.  He is from Logan, Utah and fresh out of High School.  He knows the Crandals too!  But he is a U of U fan! And he played soccer and tennis so we can relate a little, just he is a lot better than I am. 

The highlight of this week was that we had a Zone Conference and a 70 came. His name is Elder Schwitzer.  It started early in the morning so we had to stay overnight in Sugarland.  We were supposed to stay with other elders deep in the city, but on the way up, Sister Mecham, the medical lady who me and another elder are super tight with, well she called us and wanted to see if we wanted to stay at her house.  Heck ya!  So we dipped out on our other plans and drove there. Haha, we got there a little early so we went and took her dog for a walk, then they gave us leftover dessert from a YSA activity, and then we taught them.

But that night, I got to sleep on a ... queen size mattress!  It was heavenly!  So weird not to have my feet off the bed.  But in the morning we went to the conference and Elder Schwitzer focused a lot on helping investigators realize they don’t get baptized to join the Mormon church, they get baptized to follow Jesus Christ and show their love for him.  It was pretty sweet.  And probably the best thing was that Elder Johnson was there!  Well, now he is Nick Johnson, but it was super cool to see him. And I got to sit next to him during the whole thing. It was weird because he has longer, trendier hair on top now, with his skinny suit and tan shoes, haha.

And last night we got to talk with Darlene for a long time.  She told us at church she wants to be baptized in the future so we got to talk all about that.  We decided she needs to quit coffee and smoking.  To do this she made her daughter put all her cigarettes outside the house so it is not a temptation.  Then she is going to chew cinnamon gum and drink cranberry juice instead of smoking and coffee.  She also needs to pray and read/listen to the B of M everyday.  And we are reminding her everyday at 5:30 in the morning to do these things!  If it all goes well, I could see her being baptized around the 26th.  Lets hope so!

I completely agree with all you said about missionary work. It is so sad to see someone reject the gospel after listening or not even give us a chance to talk and they don’t even know what they are missing out on.

Elder Lund

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