Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two Thanksgivings Dinners!

Hey!  Thanksgiving was great!  We went to two dinners.  One was at a member’s house in our area and she gave us tamales and other Mexican food.  Then we went to our Branch President’s house for more of a traditional Thanksgiving.   We got there early and were helping cook and Presidente had me carve the turkey.  It was hard at first but I got some good slices by the end.  But I had so much food there.  When we left I had the hugest belly from the food, I was legit fat and Presidente loved it.  But his wife is so funny.  She jokingly argues with her whole family and then they all gang up on her so she turns so me and says, "See, they all hate me".  But then I took her side and joked around with her and now she loves me and just gives me a bunch of treats.  Too bad she is not in our area but we did go over for lunch after church yesterday.

But real quick to answer your question, I eat cereal every morning for breakfast and then lunch and dinner can be a mix of hot pockets, frozen pizza, sandwiches, and we usually try to make something every Sunday night and one other time.  This is usually some type of meat, like we had beef fajitas once or we had bowtie pasta and meatballs two days ago.  And we usually eat at members 2-3 times a week.  There are only 3 members that live in our area so we eat at the same peoples houses a lot.

So this week, Maria said she is getting baptized for sure this Saturday which is super exciting!  We have been teaching her the whole time I’ve been here and she has changed so much.  Even her husband, who we have never taught, says she has changed for the better.  So hopefully she will be baptized on Saturday but according to my trainer, you can never be sure around here until they actually show up, so we will see how it goes.

And then uncle Craig randomly showed up at our apartment with Susan and lizzie!  (Uncle Craig lives in the same stake where Parker is serving)  I didn’t even recognize him at first because I wasn’t expecting it at all.  But he brought by a bunch of snacks and a pumpkin pie so that’s good.

The next day was crazy.  Enrique showed us his gun that he is always carrying around with him.  I thinks its a .38 special revolver but I couldn’t tell for sure cuz it was dark.  And then this guy walked up to us and told us about how he hitchhiked all the way from Sacramento to here in 2 weeks. And then he told us a poem he wrote about government conspiracies and how the government and money controls us.  It was so funny and I wish I could have got him to write it down.  Before he said it, he said “Let me spit this poem at you.” Haha.

And then I went on an island vacation exchange.  It ended up being three of us together all with less then 3-4 weeks in the mission. Haha.   We trained each other.  But one Elder, Elder V, his bike was broken and the pedals broke.  So we tried to make new ones with wire hangers and a broken broom and ducktape.  But it broke right when his huge poly self got on so we ended up walking the whole day, which was pretty fun.

I hope you all had a good thanksgiving!

Elder Parks

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