Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Baptism!

On Christmas, we and two other elders went and sang Christmas carols to the old and to some children. It was sweet and everyone loved it, but we only brought hymnbooks in Spanish so when it came time to sing in English, we had forgotten all the words! We only knew Jingle Bells and could mumble our way through parts of Silent Night, haha.

This week was super slow.  We didn’t teach much and it was hard to find people, but we did find a mouse in our apartment! And Elder Bilal is like a little girl when it comes to mice, haha.  I tried to just catch it with my hands but it scurried off so we got traps and haven’t seen it since.

And this week Myra got baptized!  It was sweet but it came together so last minute, haha. But she’s baptized and she loves coming to church and really wants to go to the temple so she will be a good member.  Now we just have to work on her husband Roy.  He has a lot of doubts but I feel he will just one day figure it out and decide he wants to be baptized right then.

And then on Sunday, I was just sitting in the congregation and all of the sudden Presidente says from the mic that Elder Lund is going to give a testimony on how setting goals pays off.  I was so shocked!  So I went up and stumbled my way through some things for like 5 minutes.  But everyone I talked to said it made sense so I don’t know if they are just being nice or what…

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  1. I love your experiences and the Baptism! - not the mouse in the house, so to speak.