Monday, December 9, 2013

Cowboy Jackets & Hillbillies

Me cooking cuz I'm a pro chef now
Maria couldn’t get baptized this week because turns out she had a problem with one of the worthiness questions.  She said she felt super guilty because she didn’t tell us when we had the practice interview.  But she has a date this Saturday and they even announced it in church.  When she came to church yesterday, she brought her grandson, Miguel, and her husband who we had never wanted to listen to us.  Her husband fell asleep, but it was still cool he came.  And Miguelito… oh boy, he is a nut!!  He was running rampant and we somehow got him to go to nursery and play in there because he’s like 2.  But during Sacrament, he was scurrying all over, and climbing under the benches, and even stomping around up on the stand with his iron man that makes noises!  He was crazy, but finally right before the sacrament prayers the Primary President took him outside to play.

And we also have this member family, the Aguirres.  They are definitely my favorite.  They have two boys that are 18 and 17 so they are super cool, but the dad is the best.  He reminds me of a Mexican Uncle John!  I can’t describe it but that’s who I think of when I talk to him.  But they both have the same crazy voices and joke around the same and I think they even kind of look the same!  I tried to get a pic but he doesn’t like pictures.... so maybe before I leave here he will.  But he randomly just gave me this huge puffy cowboy jacket.  He said his family calls him a hobo when he wears it so he gave it to me!  Pretty cool but I can’t really wear it because it has logos all over it.

So the hick, Roy… His wife is super interested in the church and he likes to listen and learn, but not follow.  And he doesn’t like that we’re restricted to a certain number of miles on our car, so sometimes we have to bike when its colder, or at night.  No matter what we say to him, he can’t get over it and he says it’s just not right, even though we don’t mind.  And when we bike, we talk to more people, but he says that’s the only thing holding him back.  I don’t know what to do with this hillbilly...

I’m glad you like your church class dad because that is the class I go to every week!  Too bad you’re not teaching it!  In the Lorenzo Snow book for Priesthood I found a picture with our gramps in it.  Anthon H. Lund in the flesh, it was pretty cool.  And too bad I’m missing the Christmas decorations but our apartment has TWO trees now because mom sent me one, haha.

And speaking of cold... this week was 35-45 and rainy the whole time.  I died!  All I have is Jon’s little sweater and that raincoat thing.  What is up here?!  I thought Texas was just one big desert!

But anyways, Elder Parks

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